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Major: Bachelor of Finance and Accounting 2014-2015

Kingdom University helped me gain the knowledge and skills necessary to meet life and professional challenges, and I feel proud to say that Kingdom University has played a crucial role in achieving my current success and assuming a leadership position in the government entity in which I am proud to work by providing the necessary support and resources to develop my leadership and professional skills, when I started studying at the university, I was an ambitious young man and enthusiastic about discovering my abilities and developing my skills, and the university served as a platform for the formation of my personality, where I learned many basic values and principles represented in Commitment, discipline and teamwork are the most important foundation for effective leadership in the workplace.

I invite all students to make the most of the experience of higher education, strive to study and explore various fields of knowledge, strive to develop personal and professional skills and build strong relationships, exploit the university’s available resources and volunteer opportunities, balance between academic work and personal life, and enjoy the university journey to be prepared for a promising future that awaits them after graduation in order to build a bright tomorrow for this country.

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