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Student Lifestyle

Students Lifestyle 3

Student Activities

KU believes in the important complementary role of extracurricular student activities. It aims at developing individual and collective students’ skills abilities, implanting the principles of social responsibility and strengthening the national unity through organizing various activities in different fields such as entertainment, social, cultural, sports, art, and others.

Students Council

KU supports the formation of an elected students’ council through annual elections. The Student Council is a link between the students and the university administration to involve students in the process of decision making.

The Student Council organizes events and promotes the spirit of cooperation and the concept of teamwork among the students themselves and between the students and the society. In addition, the council follows-up students’ issues, makes them aware of their duties, solves their problems and supports the academic, cultural and social journey.

Students Lifestyle 2

Students’ Guidance and Support

KU provides various services and instructions in the social and psychological fields, in addition to introducing students to the university internal rules and regulations and supervising their application.

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