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The College of Information Technology at Kingdom University aims to provide state-of-the-art IT programs that prepare graduates with strong knowledge and skills required by the job markets and with a strong basis for continuing post-graduate studies. The incredible developments in the areas of computing, IT, mobile phone apps, games, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cyber security, internet of things (IoT), etc have made the development and offering of IT programs even more significant.

The program of BSc in Computer Science includes optional tracks in which the student specializes in modern fields such as data science and big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning and various areas of user experience such as virtual reality and augmented reality. The optional tracks also include Apps development for the web or the Internet, mobile phone, and electronic game applications. The courses will also include topics required by the job market such as cyber security, cloud computing, and database systems. The university has signed an agreement with the AWS Academy (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Imagine to provide the opportunity for students studying in the program to obtain professional certificates in the fields of cloud computing and other modern fields required by the labor market.

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  Dean’s Message

I would like to welcome all the students in the College of Information Technology. In this age which has become very dependent on digital technology, the IT specializations have become very important and in large demand by various job sectors. Our programs are built on market needs and are integrated with the industry leaders professional programs by AWS Academy and Microsoft Imagine. We are very keen to make sure that the graduates from our BSc programs are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills that make favored by the employers and also enable them to develop and progress further in their careers or post graduate studies.

Acting Dean of College of Information Technology

Dr. Khalid Mansour

College Vision 

The College of Information Technology at Kingdom University will pursue excellence in the delivered academic programs, excellence in teaching and learning, produce research outputs in reputable journals and conferences and will engage positively with the community and professional bodies.

College Mission 

The College of Information technology at Kingdom University will employ state of the art teaching and learning techniques to prepare its students with the program learning outcomes that will equip them with the tools for success in their careers in the various existing and developing job markets or to continue their postgraduate studies and will involve its students and faculty members in community engagement activities that will fulfill the role of the social responsibility of the university and will produce research outputs in reputable journals and conferences by its faculty members and postgraduate students.

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at Kingdom University provides its students with a variety of Knowledges and Skills that will enable them to be prepared for the current and future digital job markets. Coding, algorithms, databases, systems, networks, data science, cyber security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, apps development, web development etc are among the many keywords and topics studied. We are keen to provide our students with the professional certification requirements through our partnership with AWS Academy and Microsoft Imagine.

Collaboration with AWS Academy and Microsoft Imagine

The College of Information Technology at Kingdom University has signed membership agreements with each of AWS Academy and Microsoft Imagine with the objective of integrating the contents of the curricula required by various professional certifications in the courses required in the BSc program at Kingdom University. This will make it possible for the students to set for the exams required for professional certifications in areas such as Cloud Computing, cyber-Security, Artificial Intelligence etc. which are offered by AWS Academy and Microsoft Imagine.

College Graduates Attributes 

The college of Computer Science seeks certain attributes in all its graduates that are an important part of the academic framework within which the programs are situated. It aspires to produce a graduate who is:

  • G1. Programmer: Good in computer programming, algorithm development, web development.
  • G2. Lifelong learner: Ready for entry jobs in system administration.
  • G3. Effective communicator: Good in handling databases.
  • G4. Ready for entry jobs in computer and cyber security.
  • G5. A lifelong learning and able to develop in trending areas such AI, mobile apps and games development and other areas.
  • G6. Leader: Good in communication, teamwork, ethics and a responsible person.

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