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About KU

About KU

Welcome to Kingdom University, a leading private university in Bahrain providing high-quality education since 2001. Our contemporary campus spans over a total area of 7204 square meters, providing students with modern facilities and a comfortable environment to learn and grow.

At Kingdom University, we value diversity among our students and staff, creating a welcoming and inclusive family university environment. Our commitment to providing a global education experience is reflected in our international and local accreditation and collaborations with esteemed institutions worldwide.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique student life, with a range of extracurricular activities to enrich the learning experience. Our highly qualified faculty members are dedicated to supporting and guiding students on their academic journey, helping them achieve their full potential and prepare for success in their chosen careers.

Join us at Kingdom University and experience the benefits of a high-quality education, a supportive family university environment, and a global education experience.

Kingdom University envisions to be an esteemed University that fosters high quality academic programmes, research, and community engagement, contributing to the sustainable economic development of Bahrain and the region.

Kingdom University provides quality teaching and learning experiences, research, and community engagement activities that nurture competent professionals and lifelong learners with skills, knowledge, and attributes who can positively impact the society and economy of Bahrain and the region.


We are dedicated to work together with the highest standards of excellence to achieve and support our shared vision, mission, goals, and our students’ success.


We value and recognize that there is knowledge to be gained from different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, heritage, life experiences, and viewpoints represented throughout our community.

Creativity and Innovation

We are an active learning community that cultivates intellectual curiosity, ingenuity, and creativity and recognize the creation of an environment with opportunities for change and growth.


We are committed to the provision of effective and efficient stakeholders’ focused services in all aspects of our work and practices which includes expected behaviors of responsibility, accountability, dependability, and leadership.

Contribution to Society and Economy

We are committed to collaboration and active engagement with academic, business, public, and civic communities to promote transformative and life-long learning opportunities and excellence for our students.


We affirm and are committed to honesty, scholarly ethics, freedom of inquiry, soundness of decision making, and truthful engagement with our stakeholders through effective policies, communication, and practices.

About KU

Welcome Message

The welcome message conveys the vision of the university president and vice president, as well as the university’s future goals.

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Leadership and Governance

Our forward-thinking leadership team is comprised of a committed, focused, and experienced board of trustees and top management whose expertise and experience combine to create a difference for all of our stakeholders – students, alumni, employees, and the community.

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HEA Fellows

Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowship is an international recognition of a commitment to professionalism in higher education teaching and learning and demonstrates that our practice is aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF).

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Accreditations and Collaborations

Kingdom University has endeavored to earn a number of local and international accreditations, in addition to cooperating with local and international institutions in various sector to strengthen the educational experience.

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KU’s Annual Report AY 2022 – 2023

KU’s Annual Report AY 2021 – 2022

KU’s Annual Report AY 2020 – 2021

KU’s Annual Report AY 2019 – 2020

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