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Welcome Message

Message from the President

Prof. Hassan Rafdan AlHajhoj

I am proud to offer you on behalf of members of the community at Kingdom University (KU) a warmhearted welcome. KU has enjoyed a solid reputation in providing quality tertiary education programs since its establishment in 2001. Our alumni have enriched the public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain through their prominent positions and successful careers. We enjoy a constellation of goals, values, and principles that focus on serving the society and establishing a landmark in education locally, regionally, and internationally in support of the vision of the Kingdom and the mission of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Our faculty and staff are committed to provide a student-centered learning experience where empathy, respect, commitment, inspiration, and excellence are instigated and nurtured. Our hands-on experience educational models are constantly reviewed and developed. The quality of our curriculum in all departments is maintained through benchmarking with those at peer educational institutions and through seeking partnership in undergraduate and graduate programs with reputable international universities. Our engagement in the continuing national reviews by the quality assurance agencies at the Ministry of Higher Education and international program accreditation further enrich the continuous curriculum development and provide credibility for our degrees.

We are currently providing distinguished bachelor’s degrees in law, Architectural Engineering & Design, Business, and Information Technology. We are also considering expansion to other offerings and graduate degrees to satisfy the needs of the local and regional current and future job markets. We constantly engage in discussions with the industry to prepare our students with the knowledge, attitudes, and attributes that enhance their employability especially in light of an anticipated dynamic future job environment. Our strategic dimensions foster a culture of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, our facilities are growing to accommodate the increasing number of our students and the particular spatial needs in major courses.

We pledge to provide a stimulating educational experience to our student body within an environment conducive to achieving your dreams in successful careers. We hope you will achieve all your academic goals through our institution and look forward to sharing with you the journey in becoming a successful professional and leader in the community.


Prof. Hassan Rafdan AlHajhoj

President, Kingdom University

Message from the Vice President

Prof. Nader AlBastaki

We strive at KU to achieve highest standards in academic programs, state-of-the-art teaching methodologies that are student-centered, focused on active learning and rich in careful feedbacks on assessments and reflections on students’ progress and achievements of program learning outcomes. Caring for students and assisting them in enhancing their knowledge and skills to prepare them for the job market needs and professional skills is one of our core values. We train students to do research even on the undergraduate level.

KU provides many opportunities for its faculty to conduct and publish researches in prestigious international journals. Research funding is available to support the faculty research and to attend international conferences.

The research priorities of KU are aligned with Bahrain Vision 2030 and HEC’s National Research Strategy. International research collaborations are encouraged by KU. Entrepreneurship and Innovation is one of the key targets of KU. We have programs to encourage KU students to get involved in starting up their own enterprises and provide them with the help and support in this process.


Prof. Nader Mohammed Al-Bastaki

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research

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