“The vision of KU Admission and Registration Department is to become a leader in the promotion of excellent professional support and services to local, regional and international students to ensure compliance with regulatory authorities and global standards.”


“The mission of KU Admission and Registration Department is to recruit, admit, register and serve eligible and diverse student locally, regionally, and internationally and ensure the maintenance of integrity on the admission and registration processes of the University.”

Welcome Message

Welcome to KU Admission and Registration Department!


We believe in serious education and lifelong learning delivered with zest. Our team is committed to the provision of comprehensive student services and support to the KU community.


Our Department ensures the maintenance of student records with a high degree of integrity and security, facilitate efficient student registration and scheduling, and provision of referrals and resources for successful academic progression and completion at the University.
With best wishes.


Mr. Tamer Mohamed Abd Elaziz
Head-Admission and Registration Department

About US

The Admission and Registration Department (ARD) reports directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research. It is managed by a Head with four qualified administrative staff.


Admission and Registration plays a pivotal role in managing the relations between the constituents of the University community. The Department is responsible for the operations and functions pertaining directly to the provision of services and Information to meet the requirements and needs of senior and/or newly enrolled students, parents, alumni, visitors, and members of both academic and administrative staff.


ARD’s role is not only to manage the admissions and registration processes according to the applicable university regulations and policies but also constitutes a link between all stakeholders to provide services, guidance and facilities to enrich student experience from enrolment through graduation.


The mandates of the Department are as follows:

  • Support students through the application process and assist in the management of university admission, enrolment, and registration.
  • Provide administrative and logistical support for KU’s curricula, students, alumni academic staff and other stakeholders.
  • Produce and maintain the integrity and security of its institutional, educational and learner records from registration to graduation.
  • Enforce Department and University regulations and policies.
  • Facilitate a culture that preserves the values of KU and its community.

Current Students

Are you a current Student at Kingdom University? Please visit the link below to keep yourself up to date with all the information related to Study Programs, Academic Calendar, Registration Process, Semester & Exams Schedule, How to calculate GPA, Student Handbook, Academic Transactions, Regulations & Policy, Grading System, Honor Students list, Graduation Process, etc.

Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in Kingdom University. Please visit the link below for easy access to all the information you need about the University, Admission Requirements, Entrance Exams, Tuition Fees, and you can visit the Academics Page to learn more about the Colleges, Study Programs, Programs Study Plans, Courses Description, Colleges’ Staff, etc.

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Department seeks to provide a supportive and stimulating environment for students, contribute to the refinement and development of their personalities in different aspects and seeks to promote the spirit of national unity among them.

 The Department provides social and psychological support and counseling to all students and gives special attention to students with special needs to provide them with their needs.


Mr. Tamer Mohamed Abd ElazizAdmission & Registration DepartmentAdmission & Registration
Mrs. Eman Sayed HaiderAdmission & Registration DepartmentAdmission & Registration DepartmentAdmission
Ms. Nasreen Mohamed AbuhajarAdmission & Registration DepartmentAdmission & Registration DepartmentAdmission
Mrs. Sara Musbah AbunahiaAdmission & Registration DepartmentAdmission & Registration DepartmentGraduation Administrator
Mrs. Aseel Mohamed AbdullaAdmission & Registration DepartmentAdmission & Registration DepartmentRegistration
Ms. Mooza Adel KhalifaAdmission & Registration DepartmentAdmission & Registration DepartmentRegistration