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International Accreditations and Collaborations

Higher Education Council
Education and Training Quality Authority
Ministry of Education

Higher Education Council

On December 2019, Kingdom University obtained accreditation from the Higher Education Council ( HEC) after meeting all the requirements.

Education and Training Quality Authority

The Education and Training Quality Authority has conducted three types of reviews for Kingdom University:

Institutional Review: KU obtained accreditation from BQA in Bahrain. The university received this accreditation degree

Academic Programme reviews: KU got complete confidence in the programs offered by the University.

National Qualification Framework: On December 14, 2016, the University satisfied the Institutional Listing Standards. KU has been “Listed” in the NQF register.

Ministry of Education - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kingdom University receives official recognition from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education, which includes the university among the recognized universities for Saudi students to enroll in.

Bahrain Institute for Political Development

The Ministry of Education

Kingdom University has got its license from the Ministry of Education according to the Resolution issued by the Minister’s Council No. Resolution (1633-07) dated 13 May 2001 making it one of the first private universities in the Kingdom of Bahrai

Bahrain Institute for Political Development

Kingdom University is cooperating with the Institute of Political Development in conducting joint research and preparing studies that serve the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf community.

Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism

Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism with Kingdom University relating to the students’ internship, joint research, studies, and workshops.

Advance HE Academy

Advance HE bring together HE-focused expertise in governance, leadership and management, teaching and learning, and equality, diversity, and inclusion, to help them to deliver world-leading teaching, research, and scholarship, your civic mission, and student outcomes at the institution.

Microsoft Imagine Academy

The Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA) program is a skills benefit that provides technology courses, teaching resources, and related benefits aligned to in-demand workforce/career skills. Comprehensive learning paths and curricula prepare students to successfully achieve industry-recognized certification and employment.

AWS Academy

Kingdom University in Bahrain, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), through its AWS Academy initiative, announced the collaboration on the preparation of BSc in Computer Science in the College f IT at Kingdom students for entry-level cloud technology jobs. Starting in September 2022, Kingdom University will start offering BSc in Computer Science and will provide access to the AWS Academy curriculum to all the Computer Science students, including the AWAS Academy’s Cloud technology courses will be integrated into Kingdom university Computer Science courses with the goal of preparing students with employability skills they need to get hired in market.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) was founded in 1904 and is the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification (ACCA or FCCA).

KU is an ACCA Accredited for programs in the College of Business Administration.

Chartered Management Institute

International CMI Centre Approval has been granted to the College of Business Administration, Kingdom University. This approval allows KU International CMI Centre to offer qualifications approved by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) on a Dual Accreditation basis.


Through the AACSB accreditation project, the College of Business Administration aims to get international recognition for the quality of the teaching and learning processes provided by the college, in addition to the appreciation of the college research and societal impact. AACSB is considered the first global reference for business school accreditation. The College of Business Administration became an AACSB member in March 2020. In May 2021, the AACSB Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC) approved the eligibility application submitted by the college, which gave authorization to the college to start the full accreditation process.

ECBE – European Council for Business Education

Association Internationale Sans But Lucrative. It is committed to supporting academic and professional learning institutions in economics, business, and related fields. It encourages and supports institutions to commit themselves to continuous improvement, it also creates valuable networking opportunities for institutions interested in internationalizing their curriculum and contacts.

Charting Library Services Quality

KU library participates in the LibQUAL+ survey to assess its resources and services.

Ku library conducted a large-scale survey among the students and staff in March 2016 and it plans to conduct again in September 2019.

Bahrain FinTech Bay

By becoming a partner, KU becomes part of MENA’s most dynamic and diverse FinTech network. This partnership will help in enhancing employability for Bachelor of Finance and accounting graduates to use the most updated financial technologies. It will also open paths to curriculum development to meet future market needs.

Bahrain Society for Engineers

Bahrain Small & Medium Enterprises(SMEs) Society

Agreed to promote and cooperate in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation and to collaborate on different matters in supporting startups. This teamwork is to make links with experienced entrepreneurs to transfer their knowledge and expertise to young entrepreneurs.

Bahrain Management Society (BMS)

Because Kingdom University is committed to assisting in the production of graduates who can perform on the job market, working with BMS is a good opportunity for us. In order to support the economic recovery plan and have an immediate positive impact on the issue of administrative growth, which is essential for the advancement of institutions and organizations, the society aspires to collaborate with all parties in order to advance administrative and leadership practices, youth development, and rehabilitation.

Bahrain Society for Engineers (BSM)

Kingdom University has a long history with engineering because the institution has always placed a strong emphasis on it. Over the years, we have graduated a large number of engineers who have prospered in the business world. In order to uphold this position, we are collaborating with BSM to help future generations so that they will have the skills necessary to perform at the highest level. The Bahrain Society of Engineers was founded to give the country’s engineers the opportunity to support economic growth and sustainable development. Develop it to take part in Bahrain’s urban and industrial renaissance.

Bahrain Chamber

Bahrain Chamber of Commerce& Industry (BCCI)

BCCI played a vital role in establishing Bahrain’s national economy and the growth of the country’s booming private sector. It has stayed ahead of the fast-paced economic and social trends, and it has reinforced its efforts to encourage the growth and expansion of the private sector and to empower its role in the country’s economic development alongside the governmental sector. The chamber strengthened its impact on economic choices and simplified its efforts to build an appealing climate that encourages company growth. For this purpose, Kingdom University signed an MoU to emphasize the chamber’s role in harmonizing its role in academia. This collaboration will facilitate access to all trade and industry activities to strengthen ties that will develop the economy.


MoU with ALBA opens the door for more cooperation, particularly in the fields of academic programs, training, and scientific research. Such collaborations with domestic businesses will advance our initiatives to invest in human capital by educating and advancing the domestic labor force. The goals of the Kingdom University Strategic Plan, which are in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030, will subsequently be realized as a result of this collaboration .

Bahrain Institute of Political Development

Both organizations, Kingdom University and the BIPD have a common set of objectives for improving community awareness and staff development. Additionally, both institutions engage in research that aims to make a positive impact. Both have goals for improving community awareness and staff development. Additionally, both organizations are engaged in research that aims to advance society. Through participation in conferences and discussion seminars, Kingdom University can accomplish a lot in order to shed more light on the political and democratic development of the Kingdom of Bahrain and to educate the public about the Bahraini model in the field of democratic transformation and the advancements that won the trust and respect of the international community.

Gulf International Center
Bahrain Voluntary Work Society

The Gulf International Center for Legal Solutions

The Gulf International Center to be the first private legal center specialized in bringing together the elite of jurists and specialists in the field of law, legal advice and roads. Kingdom University Signed MoU to push forward collaborations that will develop the legislative environment utilizing the great expertise of our faculty in the college of Law. The diversity of the systems introduced by the Kingdom of Bahrain with the aim of applying the criminal justice system and promoting the concept of reconciliation and reconciliation, in addition to the issue of restorative justice for children is at the heart of our collaboration.

Observatory Human Rights Watch Society OHRWS

OHRWS performs important work, aid, and human rights involvement since it is a crucial pillar and an effective tool for disseminating culture and emphasizing gender equality, as well as monitoring and documenting the human rights status. The Al-Marsad Society for Human Rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the region’s leading human rights organizations, having begun its torch in 2011 with the joining of a group of young people of both sexes with experience in the field of law and volunteer work, to work on organizing a diverse range of human rights conferences, courses, and professional training programmes. Kingdom University’s objective is to build cooperation with numerous institutions that foster a healthy legal environment has resulted in these critical links. The law college is responsible for collaborating in expanding its academic activities to benefit the community.

Bahrain Voluntary Work Society

The Bahraini Association for Voluntary Work is a recognized non-governmental organization in the community that was founded on September 4, 2013. By the goals it has set for itself, the association makes efforts to disseminate the culture of volunteer work, to organize volunteers, and to supply voluntary human energies so that they may be channeled into volunteer activity that is beneficial to the person, the society, and the country. The organization functions as a meeting place for volunteers and those who seek to benefit from their energy by following rules and laws that uphold the universal values and principles that govern volunteer activity. Therefore, interacting with this society is of tremendous importance to our students and the community. Kingdom University believes that students’ participation in volunteer work plays an essential role in developing their personalities and helps foster a sense of collaboration and human giving.

Al Shura Council

Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism

Kingdom University collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has been adopted and is being implemented, in the form of a series of activities, programs and related projects aimed at imparting a new impetus. The full participation of the private sector, provide quality job opportunities and indigenous advanced industrial technology. The tourism sector aims to attract prominent international events that engage large numbers of tourists and strengthen the position of Bahrain as an important tourism attraction on both a regional and an international level.

Shura Council

Kingdom university had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with this legislative body to enable access to our staff and students so that they may be a part of supporting the democratic atmosphere and contribute to the cultivation of knowledge and skills via this partnership. The council’s role is to debate the general plan for economic and social development and to express its view in regard to it. Additionally, the council has the power to voice its opinion on any general policies of the state that are referred to it by the highest authority. doing research on various legal frameworks, such as laws and regulations, treaties, international agreements, and concessions, and putting up recommendations based on what it finds to be suitable.


Kingdom University is working hard to push entrepreneurship to create new jobs and develop the economy. For this purpose, we signed an MoU to get our students to have their ideas come true. The Hope Fund is a fund established by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa through decree number (64) of 2020 and under the directives of HM the Representative for Humanitarian Work and Youth Affairs, His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, with the vision to support youth projects and initiatives, invest in and support the dynamism, aspirations, and innovations of Bahraini youth to set up and own businesses and companies to serve their community and improve their income. Hope Ventures, the investment arm of Hope Fund, extends its reality program with an entrepreneurial focus called ‘Beban’ to hasten the expansion of SMEs (small and medium companies) and entrepreneurs across the area.

The Society of British & International Interior Design
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Jordan

The Society of British & International Interior Design

Kingdom University is the first international university from outside the United Kingdom achieved the “The Society of British & International Interior Design” SBID accreditation for the programme of Bachelor Interior Design That accreditation provides the current student with a student membership in the society and to get benefit from all the activities, seminars and symposium held by the society.  Also, this accreditation allows the alumni of this program to get a free membership for one year. After three years of employing the alumni of Interior Design program, they can get the membership as an Interior Design Professional, which allows them to work in United Kingdom.

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Kingdom University receives official recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The university has been listed among the recognized and classified universities recommended for Jordanian students to pursue their studies. This recognition provides an opportunity for more students from the Jordanian community residing in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to obtain an educational certificate that is recognized by Ministry of Higer Education and Scientific Research in Jordan.

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