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University Scholarships

University Scholarships

Kingdom University is committed to providing students with access to high-quality education, regardless of their financial background. The university’s scholarship program helps to make education more affordable for deserving students.

Kingdom University offers a variety of scholarships to students including both full and partial scholarships.

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Scholarship Types

Ministry of Education scholarships: These scholarships are allocated annually to different majors that are announced by the Ministry of Education and registration is made through the e-government website.

Isa bin Salman Charity Educational Endowment: The Endowment offers scholarships in various majors that can be applied for through the Endowment’s website.

  • Khalid bin Hamad Seat for the Gold Generation Initiative: The initiative provides scholarships to athletes in order to support their academic careers.

Kingdom University offers partial scholarships that cover the total tuition fees throughout the student’s study at the university.

The following partial scholarships are available:

  • 20% Bachelor in Law.
  • 30% Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
  • 25% MSc in Digital Finance and Financial Technology (Fintech).
  • 20% Bachelor of Science in Business Management.
  • 40% Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting.
  • 40% Bachelor of Science in Finance and Banking.
  • 30% Bachelor of Architecture Engineering “for high school graduates with 90% and above”.
  • 30% Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • 60% Bachelor in Interior Design.

The university offers additional partial scholarships in other cases, such as: registering brothers or friends.


These partial scholarships are awarded to all students without regard to their year of high school graduation and academic grades, with the exception of the Bachelor of Architecture Engineering program.

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