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Welcome Message

The KU Library provides a welcoming environment that supports learning, teaching, and research and delivers a variety of services to users on lending, reference, photocopying, information literacy, library orientation, etc.
The KU Library is staffed by enthusiastic, qualified, and experienced professionals who support the university’s learning, teaching, and research processes and activities. Information literacy sessions are conducted frequently to make users aware of library resources and services, specifically how to effectively find and use information.
KU library is a learner-centered living space.
We warmly welcome all of our students to:

  • Make it a habit to study and research in the library on a regular basis.
  • Make the library your go-to place for getting things done!
  • Discover extensive resources such as books, journals (print and online) databases, etc. provided by the library and integrate those resources into your assignments, projects, and research.

Mr. Mohamed Azahim Saldeen
Director-University Library

Library Collections

KU library includes more than 12000 volumes of printed books on different topics (arts, media, journalism, public relations, business administration, accounting, finance, banking, trade, economics, computer science, architecture engineering, and law). The library receives 500-600 books annually.
Books are purchased based on the recommendations of the faculty members.
The university library includes a collection of permanent references (dictionaries, encyclopedias, government newspapers, and important books). There is also an independent bookshop at KU for selling textbooks.
The library has a number of refereed journals in architecture engineering, law, strategic studies, education, social sciences, mathematics, statistics, languages, literature, business, economics, management studies, history, etc. KU library also subscribed to nine databases that are available to KU students, faculty and staff, in addition to a range of Peer- Reviewed Journals.

Opening Hours

Sunday - Thursday
8 am - 8 pm
Fridays, Saturdays & Public Holidays

General Library Rules

  • Mobile phone should be turned off or kept on silent
  • Keeping the library clean by not littering and following the library rules and regulations is a must
  • Library property has to be respected and maintained at all times
  • Silence is a necessity inside the library, and reasonable effort should be made to keep the noise level at a minimum
  • Students must show their ID cards when asked by the librarian
  • Books that have been read or removed from their shelves can be left on the table
  • Library Computers have to be used for academic purposes only
  • It is not allowed to leave any notes, scribbles or markings on the books or deteriorate/damage the books
  • Eating and drinking inside the library is not permitted
  • Books can only be borrowed via the university card.
  • It is not permitted to bring children inside the library as this might distract the researchers from doing their works
  • If the discipline of the library is violated by the students, the librarian has the right to ask the students to leave the library.


Reader Service

An internal reader services has been provided by KU library to the entire university community. The library specialist handles the registration process of library users.

Lending service

The users registered with the library are eligible to borrow information resources from the library as per their user category. The circulation counter does the borrowing process. In order to borrow the library resources, the user should register his/her information at the circulation counter.

Lending period and borrowing limits:

– Full-time faculty members

Borrowing Limit (At a time)
Faculty Members (Full Time)
One Semester
Faculty Members (Visiting)
One Semester

– Administrative Staff Members

Borrowing Limit (At a time)
Admin Staff Members
1 month

– All internal registered students of KU

Borrowing Limit (At a time)
10 Days
14 Days


  • Material reserve is a request by a client to borrow the material when it is checked in.
  • Reservation can be done by either user or library staff at the circulation counter.
  • Any library user may reserve three materials at any specific time.


  • Extension of the loan period of the borrowed item is called renewal.
  • The item can be renewed on the same policies as those of the original loan.
  • In case where the books have been requested by other students and faculty the librarian may refuse to renew the books.
  • The period for the renewal is the same period of the original loan.
  • The user can renew the library material by calling to the library specialist at circulation counter. Circulations counter no: 13302806 or the borrower’s presence is needed for the renewal.

Reference Services & Searching Assistance

  • Library Staff may be approached to get reference services for the users’ information needs.
  • Readers are given opportunity to request materials for their reading purposes.
  • The web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) which allows library users to browse the catalogue is powered by Future Library Management System.
  • The Reference Desk staff assists the users to fulfill their information requirements.

Photocopying Service

The photocopying service is operated inside and outside the library. The students are given concession rate for using this service. The cards for using the photocopier are available at the copy center and the library circulation counter.

Inter Library Loan (ILL)

The library has participated in ILL services with British Library. The users can make ILL request by filling ILL form which is available at the issuing counter. Apart from this, the library maintains the ILL agreement with some local university libraries.

Information Literacy/Library Orientation

Library conducts information literacy series program at the beginning of each semester in the new academic year. Since the library has developed the information sources and the services, and since it has also subscribed to special databases, the need automatically arise to educate the library community.
The Library regularly conducts individual and group “information literacy programs” for the students and faculty members. Basic user education is given to the students at the library during their visits and upon request.

Objectives of the course:

– Introduce library services, information and resources facilities.

– To facilitate the patrons to find different information resources such as print and e-resources.

– To enhance the users’ information search skills.

– To inculcate the lifelong learning culture among the patrons.

– Literature Search.

Search Databases

KU library has subscribed to a number of online databases that consists of peer reviewed articles, summaries and abstracts, indexes on different disciplines in order to simplify literature search. These subscribed online databases are available for registered library users.

Digital Signage

KU Information & Communication Technologies displays announcements and notices at the LCD digital screen that is fixed in various places in the university premises. The library uses this service to ensure that its message reaches the users.

New Arrivals Titles announcement

The Library has created WhatsApp group for academic staff in different colleges to offer current awareness services. This service alerts faculty members on new arrivals of library. The Library’s OPAC update the new title list routinely. The new titles are displayed at library’s “New Arrivals” shelf.

Community Service

  • KU library is open to visiting researchers for reading and reference purposes. Any further details on services for the visiting researchers can be obtained from the circulation desk staff.

Selective Dissemination Services (SDI)

This service assists faculty members and students to find out the latest information related to their interest. Users are requested to contact Reference Service Staff for further details on this service.

Library Guide

College of Law

College of Architectural Engineering & Design

College of Business Administration

Classification Guide

Guide to Open Access Journals

Library Catalogue

Online Journals & Books


  • Refereed Journals
  • Popular Magazines
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Back Issues of Newspapers
  • Subscribed Database & E-Resources
  • Online Databases
  • Electronic Journals, Books and Recourses
  • Government Publications
  • Closed Access Collection
  • Light Reading Collection


  • Study Carrel
  • Internet facility
  • Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • Wireless Facility
  • Library Services for Users with Disabilities
  • Library Facilities for Users with Disabilities

Online Databases

Abstract & Citation Database


Scopus represents the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed research literature and quality web sources. It has more than 21,000 titles from more than 5,000 international publishers worldwide Over 50 million records, and 24 million patents from 5 patent offices worldwide.

Why have we chosen Scopus?

– Track Research trends – focus your resources.

– Find the best journals to publish – target your audience.

– Make connections – find experts to collaborate with – get cited.

– Make yourself more visible – get more citations.

– Get data for evaluations (internal, external, rankings, etc.)

– Get data for grant applications AND

– Make your journals more visible – get indexed in Scopus.

e-Books (Multi-Disciplinary)

Springer eBooks

Springer is a leading global scientific, technical, and medical portfolio, providing researchers with quality content through innovative information, products, and service

ProQuest eBook Central

An essential eBook Foundation which has 149,000+ multi-disciplinary titles and 30K+ titles published in the past 5 years.

Visit ProQuest Visit ProQuest



– Business & Economics

– History

– Social Science

– Political Science

– Science

– Medical

– Technology & engineering

E-resources (Multi-Disciplinary)

Al Manhal Electronic Library

Al Manhal electronic library is considered one of the most important libraries:

– For its global reach of dissertations and scientific messages in the full text.

– It contains a wide range of master’s and Ph.D. dissertations issued and approved by the most prominent universities.

– The possibility of the simultaneous search for messages between scientific journals and books.

College of Business Administration


The most comprehensive ABI/INFORM™ database, comprises ABI/INFORM Global, ABI/INFORM Trade and Industry, and ABI/INFORM Dateline. The database features thousands of full-text journals, dissertations, working papers, key business and economics periodicals such as The Economist, country-and industry-focused reports, and downloadable data. Its international coverage gives researchers a complete picture of companies and business trends around the world.


– Business

– Economic conditions

– Corporate strategies

– Management theory

– Management techniques

– Business trends

– Competitive landscape and product information

– Accounting

– Finance


Emerald has been recognized as a leader in management research which covered many areas such as: HR, Learning & Organization Studies.


– Operations, Logistics & Quality

– Property, Management & Built Environment

– Information & Knowledge Management

– Accounting, Finance & Economics

– Marketing

– Business, Management & Strategy

College of Law

West Law

Westlaw Middle East has been developed to meet all your legal research needs, providing you with a wealth of legal information by in-house legal matter experts from the region.

East Laws

The Library has subscribed to East Laws. it includes Arab Legislations Library   which consists of around half a million legislation of 22 Arab countries, the Rulings of the Arab Supreme Courts that includes Around 100,000 judicial rulings issued by the supreme courts of 13 Arab countries and also It includes more than 300,000 legal fundamentals and 280,000 pages of scanned copies of rulings and the Network has Specialized Databases -Crime Encyclopedia, Tax Encyclopedia and Status of Women in Arab Legislation Encyclopedia and much more law-related information are available.

The Arab Digital Database – e-Marefa

– e-Marefa is the largest Arab academic database, containing more than 500,000 sources for studies and research issued by universities, companies, and others.

– “e-Marefa” is one of the largest and most comprehensive Arab databases, which appeared on international participation (such as the EBSCO database).

– More than 280 universities and research centers, and others in the Arab world (from 19 Arab countries) participate in this base.

College of Architecture Engineering & Design

Taylor & Francis online -Architecture e-journals

Taylor & Francis is the leading provider of specialist information to the global academic & scientific, professional and commercial communities via publishing, events and performance improvement.

Art, Design & Architecture Collection

A leading database for the study of art and architecture, and designed for use by a diverse audience that includes art scholars, artists, designers, college students, and general researchers.

Building Types Online

Building Types Online is a resource for the study and practice of architectural design. Produced by Birkhauser, known worldwide for its high-quality content in architecture, landscape architecture, and design, this database includes a large international collection of contemporary buildings: housing, schools, libraries, office buildings, museums, sacred buildings, industrial complexes, hospitals, and other building types.


– Key aspects of building types such as lighting, acoustics, urban considerations, access types or planning processes

Database Guide

Building Types Online

Emerald Group Publishing

ProQuest E-Book

Science Direct


Springer eBooks



Library Forms

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Library Membership Students or Staff

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