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Student Academical Transactions

Postponement or withdrawal from the current semester

The student has the right to postpone or withdraw from 4 regular semesters continuously or scattered starting from the second semester of joining college.

Discontinued students

Maximum discontinued period is 4 continuous regular semesters.

Submission of requests for incomplete/unearned credit hours

If the student could not sit in any of his/her midterm exam or final exam on its original date because of exceptional circumstances beyond his/her control, then he/she is allowed to present a valid excuse and apply for a deferred assessment to the ARD. In case for accepted application of final assessment: a letter (I) for Incomplete will be shown for the Course Final Grade in the student’s transcript and will be changed to the final grade after conducting the Final deferred assessment. The deferred Exams period is stated in the academic calendar. For final assessment deferred assessment, the student shall pay the deferred assessment fees.

Assessment appeal

Students may appeal the grade they are awarded for a course, upon the academic calendar, and the ARD department will do the changes of the final grade on the system and the Finance Department returns the Assessment Appeal Fee to the student.

Internal transfer

Internal credit transfer students are those who wish to transfer from one program to another in the same College or from one College to another College after taking approval from requested college.

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English Academic Calendar
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Student Handbook
Grading System and Calculate GPA

Regulations and Policy

Attendance Rules

The student is required to attend all the credit hours of each enrolled course whether lectures, laboratory or seminars, etc. If the student is absent for 15% of the total attendance hours of the enrolled course, the student will be given a final warning that he/she will be prohibited from the final exam if the number of absences exceed 25% which will lead to failing the course.

Academic warnings

If the Bachelor student’s CGPA is less than 2.00 (with the exception of the first semester the student has registered for and the summer semester) the student shall be considered at risk and given a first warning at the end of any study semester. The student has to work hard to raise his/her CGPA during the study semester following the semester in which he/she received the first warning, if not, the student will receive a second warning. If the student’s CGPA remains lower than 2.00 in the following semester, he/she will receive a final warning and shall be dismissed from the program. The University Council has the right to give an additional chance to the concerned student to continue the study in the same program, transfer to another program or be dismissed from the university. In case the student raised his/her CGPA to be 2.00 or more, and if the CGPA got reduced again the warnings will be counted from the beginning. Any student who completed the study of 75% of the total credit hours of the programs shall be exempted from dismissal, provided that the student’s CGPA is not below 1.8 for bachelor’s degree. However, the student shall not be allowed to enroll for more than 8 years.

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