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Dr. Diana Abdul Kareem Al Juharimi, the Higher Education Council Secretary General, hosted a meeting with Dr. Hassan bin Rafdan Al Hajhouj, the President of the Kingdom University. The meeting focused on reviewing the university’s future plans and upcoming programs in accordance with the regulations and rules of the Higher Education Council.

During the meeting, Dr. Al Juharimi emphasized the benefits of obtaining international accreditation for the academic programs offered by higher education institutions. This accreditation ensures the quality and development of the outputs, international recognition, credibility, partner satisfaction, and sustainable development of academic programs through self-assessment. It also facilitates the provision of global educational resources to students and equips them with the knowledge, specialized skills, and soft skills needed for excellence in the job market and to enhance their professional opportunities.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Farzana Abdullah Al Maraghi, Acting Assistant Secretary General of the Higher Education Council, Dr. Nader Al Bastaki, Vice President of the Kingdom University, and Mr. Abdullah Sharifi, Head of the Public Relations and Marketing Department at the Kingdom University

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