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The Kingdom University has announced the opening of admission for new students who wish to enroll in the university for the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024. The university is committed to providing the best services for students, which contributes to enhancing and improving the quality of educational outcomes for students.

Professor Hassan Al-Hajhouj, the President of the Kingdom University, stated that the university offers international educational programs and curricula that prepare students scientifically and practically. The university also provides students with all the skills that correspond to the requirements of the job market in various fields.

Al-Hajhouj confirmed that the university is prepared to receive new students, indicating that the university administration has provided the best services for students through the facilities of the campus, including classrooms, labs, and equipped ceremonies with the latest technology to ensure the best learning environment for students.

It is worth mentioning that the Kingdom University offers 8 academic programs for a bachelor’s degree, including Architecture Engineering, Interior Design, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Business Administration, Financial Management and Accounting, Financial Management and Banking, Law, and Computer Science.

Registration for new students continues until September, and the university president called on all students to visit the university’s website via the Internet at WWW.KU.EDU.BH to learn more about registration for the first semester.

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