“The vision of KU Strategic Planning and Governance Unit is to be recognized as a high-performance team providing institutional and strategic planning and governance excellence that advances learning, teaching, research, community engagement and student formation in alignment with KU’s mission and goals through competitive business intelligence.”


“The mission of KU Strategic Planning and Governance Unit is to support the University in the development, implementation, review, evaluation, and achievement of its strategic goals and objectives.


Our team works closely with leaders and colleagues across the University to advise, inform and strengthen strategic and operational decisionmaking processes, providing professional expertise in planning, policy development, and analysis, governance, risk and change management.”

Welcome Message

Welcome to Strategic Planning and Governance Unit (SPAGU) of Kingdom University!


The Strategic Planning and Governance Unit (SPAGU) is a unit reporting directly to the Office of the President.
The unit is primarily responsible for supporting the KU’s Strategic Planning and Governance functions. SPAGU supports the achievement of KU’s vision, mission and core values through rigorous and integrated strategic, operational and governance activities. The core functions of the unit focus on the preparation and monitoring, and assessment of the University’s strategic plan.


It is also responsible for supporting the University Council, College Councils, and their respective Committees.
We are committed to the provision of quality, integrity, and expertise across the Strategic Planning and Governance operations of KU through balanced and unbiased collaborations and consultations with the University’s diverse stakeholders.
With best wishes.


Ms. Sheila M. Sison, MBA

Head-Strategic Planning and Governance Unit

About Us

The Strategic Planning and Governance Unit (SPAGU) supports decision-making in the University to help achieve its strategic goals, objectives, and priorities. The unit reports directly to the Office of the President and operates under the supervision of a Head with two staff.


We are specifically responsible for the following:

  • Provision of support and coordination on the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the University’s strategic plan and key performance indicators as well as the management of relevant strategic activities with all concerned University stakeholders.
  • Management and coordination of the University’s planning processes and activities including provision of support to all University and College leaders during the planning processes, policy development, and change management activities.
  • Provision of support and advice on the effective governance environment, which includes University management and governing bodies, by coordinating the institutional risk framework and promoting an evidence-based strategic management culture
  • Coordination and support of the governance structures and processes in the University to ensure that they are fit for purpose and satisfies the requirements of the HEC and BQA.
  • Provision of quality document control and archiving support to the University’s Council, Committees, Management teams, offices, and departments to ensure alignment across all areas of operations of the University.



Ms. Sheila Macalino Sison

Ms. Sheila Macalino SisonCollege of Business Administration Business Management/ Strategic Planning & Governance Unit Lecturer /Head of Strategic Planning & Governance
Mrs. Marwa Ali HusainStrategic Planning & Governance UnitStrategic Planning & Governance UnitDocument Controller Administrative