Scientific Research Plans and Community Partnership are discussed on the Table:

Scientific Research Plans and Community Partnership are discussed on the Table:

Kingdom University Colleges Advisory Councils hold their annual meeting


Kingdom University Colleges Advisory Boards held their annual meetings during May 2017 on the university campus, with a participation of important leading figures from different corporations.


Starting with an advisory council of the College of Business, the participants were specialists in the financial and banking field, such as Dr. Adel Almarzooqi, Head of Sharia Internal Audit in Ithmaar Bank and Mr. Al Moatasem Bellah Ahmed, Senior Director of Financial Resource & General Affairs in (BIPA).


Meanwhile, the participants of advisory council meeting of Law college were specialists from the legal field, such as Dr. Mal Allah Al-Hammadi, Director of Legislation and head of the Official Gazette at the Authority for Legislation and Legal Opinion, Mr. Mohammed AlKuwari, Director of Legislation in the Constitutional Court and advisor Hesham Mohammed, the Ruler Family Council advisor.


On the other hand, the advisory council of Architecture Engineering & Design College held their meeting with a participation of a variety of leading architects in the architecture field, such as Dr. Souheil Wl-Masri, the Director and Architect of Design Department in Gulf House S.PC. Architects & Engineers, Mrs. Salwa Amin, the Owner of Salwa Amin Interiors and Mrs. Kanwal Malek, the Showroom Manager of Rochi-Bobois in Bahrain. The advisory councils shed light on the study plans of the academic programs and discussed the ways to develop them. Moreover, the advisory councils discussed the scientific research plans for each college and community partnership programs the colleges intend to do with students.


It is worth mentioning that Kingdom University keens on using the experts to develop the college’s academic programs and link it with practice in order to strengthen the educational outputs for the Labor.