Students Strength

The University began in September 2004 with 67 students and has rapidly grown since then. It has currently 830 students and 2003 alumni.


Our Faculty comprises of 42 Lecturers holding various academic ranks.


KU is located in Riffa with a total area of 7204.4 sqm.


Number of Employees

The University employs around 89 staff and workers in the various departments.

جامعة المملكة

Certificates Granted by the University

– Associate Diploma:

All Colleges and Majors except the College of Architecture Engineering and Design.


– Bachelor’s Degree:


The University has number of scientific laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, including:

  • Architecture and Interior Design Laboratories
  • Building Materials Laboratories

Student’s Facilities

The University includes cultural facilities and presentation halls, with a capacity to embrace students’extra-curricular programs, plus the Head Office of the Students Council and other various student services facilities like Student Counseling for Males and Females. In addition, KU has a Health and Safety Department with 1 full time Nurse appointed for the safety of the students.

Industrial Training

In order to link theory to the realistic application and to provide students with practical experience and skills, the university sets a practical training semester for all university students in various faculties.

Creative Thinking

The University emphasizes the importance of innovation and development of the sense of creativity among students, so it adopted a course for this purpose under the name of “Creative Thinking”. It includes theoretical and scientific material, as well as applied and allied activities, which promote creative thinking for students.

Membership Associations and International Bodies

  • Member of the International Universities Council (IUC) since December 2010
  • Signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum since September 2010
  • A joint cooperation with European Universities