Online seminar about raising students satisfaction in relation to the program teaching and learning

Online seminar about raising students satisfaction in relation to the program teaching and learning

The Chair of the Interior Design department invited Dr. Eleni Tracada to share her experience on raising students’ satisfaction on teaching and learning at University of Derby, UK. Dr. Tracada is the external assessor of the program and external moderator of the courses’ assessments for Interior Design department at Kingdom University. She is a University Principal Tutor in the Built Environment, University of Derby, UK. Via skype connection, Dr. Tracada talked about informal learning methods to attract and enthuse the students during their learning process. She gave some examples of such informal learning methods:

  • Live projects: to assign a real project and request the students to meet the community members; this make the students feeling of proud that their project which could be implemented. In this regard, for example, students at Derby are currently helping the local communities to create mapping of activities in community centres, which could activate immediate communication and social connection and interaction of all citizens.
  • Students share research and practical work with department/College researchers and teachers. Students start learning how to carry out research and, they take an interest in postgraduate study.
  • Awarding scholarships to share research in the university; active students in research can see their work published.
  • Organize projection/events of students’ works and ideas and invite the community to discuss, evaluate and perhaps award them.
  • Dedicate a permanent place to exhibit the outstanding students’ projects.
  • Invite alumni to share their experiences, especially those who are entrepreneurs.
  • Invite employers to give lectures about the market needs; this will encourage the students to learn and enhance their skills to be promoted in the workplace.


Dr. Eleni Tracada

Position: Lecturer in Architecture

College: College of Engineering and Technology

Department: Mechanical Engineering and the Built Environment

Subject area: Architecture and Built Environment

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