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Master of Business Administration

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The MBA program of the College of Business Administration of Kingdom University is meticulously designed to be a transformative journey for both business and non-business graduates, propelling them into higher echelons of leadership within organizations. Tailored to sharpen strategic thinking and hone management skills, this dynamic program is your gateway to a future of professional distinction. Whether you’re a seasoned business professional seeking to refine your expertise or a non-business graduate aspiring to pivot into leadership roles, our MBA equips you with the acumen and versatility needed for success in today’s competitive landscape.


Our curriculum blends cutting-edge business theories with hands-on practicality, ensuring you not only grasp the intricacies of the corporate world but also navigate its challenges with finesse. The Kingdom University MBA is not just a degree; it’s your launchpad to ascend to more challenging positions, making you a coveted asset in any organization. Join us, and let’s sculpt leaders who don’t just adapt to change but drive it. Elevate your career; embrace the Kingdom University MBA — where leadership meets innovation, and success is not a destination but a constant evolution.

Program Aims

  • Informed of current trends in business management and the emerging markets and technologies
  • Creative and innovative minds in making critical judgment in solving business problems.
  • Effective leadership and communication skills to work in diverse teams.
  • Ethically cognizant in corporate social responsibility

Knowledge and Understanding Skills

  • Demonstrate a critical knowledge of the business management theories, principles, and concepts.
  • Demonstrate a critical knowledge and understanding of the current issues in business management.

Subject-Specific Skills

  • Apply professionally the appropriate techniques to make decisions in different areas of business management.
  • Apply standard and specialized methods, and investigative techniques in the different areas of business management.

Critical Thinking Skills

  • Critically analyze and assess the output of business management techniques, and tool for problem solving and decision-making purposes.
  • Critically analyze and interpret data in the different areas of business management.

General and Transferrable Skills

  • Demonstrate effective use of oral and written communication skills to present the official and non-official business reports.
  • Display ethical behavior and cultural sensitivity in dealing with academic and practical issues in business management.

Career Opportunities

Graduation Requirements

  • Successful completion of 33 Credit Hours plus Thesis completion.
  • Achieve Cumulative GPA of 3.0 and above


33 Hours


Min. 2 Years – Max. 4 Years



Delivery Mode

On Campus

Attendance Mode

Full Time
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