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Master of Architectural Engineering

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In response to changing social, professional, industrial, and institutional transitions, the Master of Architectural Engineering program is developing a distinct approach to architectural engineering education, research, and practice. The program was also designed to address the contemporary challenges facing sustainable architectural engineering, sustainable cities, real estate development, project management, and architectural parametric design. This has led to a renewed commitment to critical practice through the lenses of digital design, sustainable systems, real estate development, and urban ecology. The program, intended for those wishing to pursue a career in architecture, project management, planning, construction engineering and real estate development, offers an integrated foundation curriculum for students to develop practical skills and critical knowledge in the construction industry and technology, critical thinking skills critical research skills and various communication.  

Program Aims

  • Building a career for architects in the various traditional and new sectors such as Architectural Parametric Design, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Real-estate development, green buildings, Construction Management and other emerging specializations in the private and public sectors and construction industries.
  • Progression of graduates’ careers to senior and leadership positions or continue their professional development.
  • Equip the graduates with the ability of contribution in community development though membership in professional societies and community activities.

Knowledge and Understanding Skills

  • Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of principles, processes, systems, techniques, and codes of specified subject disciplines.
  • Demonstrate extensive detailed knowledge and understanding of strategies, theories, tools, technology, and design-based research methods that are related to specified subject disciplines.

Subject-Specific Skills

  • Use professional level of skills to adapt special theories, related to selected track, to deal with climatic change situation, pandemic, and crises for cope the planning, designing, managing public and private building.
  • Use professional level of skills to apply standard of design-based research methodologies and investigate built-environment.

Critical Thinking Skills

  • Critically analyze information and data that extend the knowledge of built environment from building design to operating process.
  • Conceptualize and define new and abstract problems of architecture, urban, planning, sustainability, real-estate, or construction management.
  • Demonstrate professional levels of interpretation to complex issues related to sustainable built environment.
  • Undertake a critical evaluation of a wide variety of numerical and graphical data related to building designing, appraising, estimating, evaluating, and management.

General and Transferrable Skills

  • Communicate in professional level skills with range of audiences with different levels of knowledge/expertise using variety of means, media, methods, tools, techniques, and strategies.
  • Use professional-level skills to have in-depth knowledge of appropriate applications for modelling, stimulation, and presentation architectural projects to support and enhance work at this level of professionalism.
  • Operate at a professional level in variable contexts of built environment that are often complex, unpredictable, and not clearly defined.
  • Take part in strategic professional decision making for built environment issues.

Courses Themes

  • Sustainable Built environment
  • Green Building.
  • Planning of Smart Cities.
  • Research Methodology.
  • Architectural Artificial Intelligence.
  • Urban Planning.
  • Construction Management.

Career Opportunities

Potential career opportunities for graduates from the Master of Architectural Engineering program:


  • Lecturer at colleges of Architecture.
  • Project Manager.
  • Senior Architect.
  • Senior Real-Estate Developer.
  • Senior Urban Planner.
  • Expert in Digital Architecture and Parametric Design.

Learning Path

  1. Doctoral Studies (Ph.D.) in a related field such as
  2. Sustainable Architecture.
  3. Samat Cities planning.
  4. Parametric Architectural Design.
  5. Green Building and Environmental Design.
  6. Real-estate Development.
  7. Construction Project Management.

Graduation Requirements

  • Successful completion of 24 Credit Hours plus Thesis completion.
  • Achieve Cumulative GPA of 3.0 and above
  • Publish at least one article from the thesis findings.


33 Hours


1.5 Years



Delivery Mode

On Campus

Attendance Mode

Full Time
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