“Working with University partners, the vision of the KU Marketing and Public Relations Department is to advance the University’s brand and good reputation, increase public understanding, and to make it a university of choice for outstanding students.”


“The mission of the KU Marketing and Public Relations Department is to manage and promote marketing and public relations strategies, in collaboration with relevant Colleges and departments, to increase enrollment and brand awareness among targeted audiences.”

Welcome Message

Welcome to KU Marketing and Public Relations Department!


Through a university-wide Marketing and Public Relations effort focused on honest and consistent communication, our team provides expert advice to help the KU community create and maintain strong and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders which is crucial to the institution’s growth and development.
With best wishes.


Mr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Salim
Head-Marketing and Public Relations Department

About US

KU Marketing and Public Relations Department promote awareness, understanding, and support of the university’s mission to advance knowledge through teaching and learning, research and community engagement.


To protect, promote and advance the KU brand, the Marketing and Public Relations Department provides the following services:

  • Preparation and edit of organizational publications for internal and external audiences.
  • Monitor all news and press coverage related to the university.
  • Follow up and communicate with Colleges and departments about current activities and past events.
  • Write letters of correspondence and preparation of communication to external organizations dealing with the University.
  • Establishment and maintenance of cooperative relationships with representatives of community, employee, and public interest groups.
  • Arrangement of public appearances, lectures, contests, or exhibits for clients to increase University service awareness.
  • Promote goodwill among the KU stakeholders.
  • Prepare and deliver speeches to further public relations objectives.


Mr. Abdulla Abdulrahman SharifiMarketing & Public Relations /Student AffairsMarketing & Public Relations /Student AffairsHead of Marketing & Public Relations /Acting Head of Student Affairs
Ms. Sharifa Jasim SeyadeehMarketing & Public RelationsMarketing & Public RelationsMarketing
Ms. Asma Abdulnaser AlZubiMarketing & Public RelationsMarketing & Public RelationsPublic Relations
Ms. Sumaya Jasim AlhasanMarketing & Public RelationsMarketing & Public
Mr. Yusuf Hasan Mohamed AlMadaniMarketing & Public RelationsMarketing & Public
Mr. Ali Abdulla MohammedMarketing & Public RelationsMarketing & Public Relations/Vice President's OfficeOccupational Safety & Health Officer/
Ms. Nasreen Mohamed AbuhajarMarketing & Public RelationsMarketing & Public