Vice President for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research

Prof. Nader Al-Bastaki

Prof. Nader Albastaki

Acting Vice President for Administrative Affairs


 Dr. Ashraf Mohammed Soliman

Dr. Ashraf Soliman

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Welcome Message

We strive at KU to achieve highest standards in academic programs, state-of-the-art teaching methodologies that are student-centered, focused on active learning and rich in careful feedbacks on assessments and reflections on students’ progress and achievements of program learning outcomes. Caring for students and assisting them in enhancing their knowledge and skills to prepare them for the job market needs and professional skills is one of our core values. We train students to do research even on the undergraduate level.


KU provides many opportunities for its faculty to conduct and publish researches in prestigious international journals. Research funding is available to support the faculty research and to attend international conferences.


The research priorities of KU are aligned with Bahrain Vision 2030 and HEC’s National Research Strategy. International research collaborations are encouraged by KU. Entrepreneurship and Innovation is one of the key targets of KU. We have programs to encourage KU students to get involved in starting up their own enterprises and provide them with the help and support in this process.
With best wishes.


Prof. Nader Mohamed Saleh AlBastaki
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research

Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Welcome Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of members of the administrative community at Kingdom University. KU provides quality and challenging teaching and learning experiences, relevant research, and community engagement through its three Colleges since 2004.


The family of KU administrative staff are committed in the promotion of initiatives to ensure the achievement of KU vision and mission. The eight administrative departments/units enjoyed a solid reputation in providing quality services, supports and resources to the academic programs since its establishment in 2001.


Through the Office of the VP for Administrative Affairs, the University is committed to:

  • Attract a diversity of qualified faculty and staff.
  • Provide professional development opportunities.
  • Create a positive learning environment consists of up-to-date ICT facilities.
  • Maintain sufficient and accessible infrastructure.
  • Sustain a safe and healthy educational and working environment.
  • Update research sources and information.
  • Provide support and guidance to students.
  • Promote the academic programmes offered by the University.
  • Establish linkages with international, regional and national societies, and engage in nation’s social, cultural and industrial Communities.


To support the KU strategic priorities, the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, provides assistance to the KU President through effective collaboration with the Human Resources Department, Financial Affairs Department, Purchasing and Services Department, ICT Department, Students Affairs Department, Marketing and Public Relations Department, and Community Engagement and Continuing Education Unit.
With best wishes.


Dr. Ashraf Mohammed Soliman
Acting Vice-President for Administrative Affairs