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Kingdom University announced the results of the student council elections in its fifteenth session. 10 male and female students have won representing the four University Colleges (Business Administration, Law, Architecture and Interior Design and Information Technology).

The results came according to what was announced by the Election Committee at the university. The students who won: Riyadh Al-Amin, Muhammad Al-Sheikh, Kamal Al-Jarrah and Amal Al-Tiri representing the College of Law, Ali Mohammed, Ahmed Al-Ghunaim and Abdul Rahman Thani representing the College of Business Administration, Maryam Al-Amer and Maram Matar representing the College of Architecture and Interior Design, and finally Masara Mowafaq representing the College of Information Technology.

The election process was held in accordance with the requirements of the regulations. The election procedure was successful, and it went smoothly in cooperation with all students and candidates in adhering to the administrative regulations of the elections and the conduct of the election process to the fullest in accordance with the regulations and plan that were developed for them.

The Student Council elections aim to spread the spirit of democracy among students and encourage them to participate in university and students’ activities and come in line with the democratic approach of the Kingdom of Bahrain, whose rules were laid down by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

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