“Kingdom University will be an eminent University for its quality of academic programs, research and community engagement, contributing to the economic development of the region.”


“Kingdom University offers quality and challenging teaching and learning experiences, relevant research , and community engagement activities that nurture future leaders and professionals capable of making positive contributions to the society and economy of Bahrain and the region.”

Core Values

At KU, we work towards creating a strong value system; a system that is the cornerstone of our success. Management, employees and students alike are guided by our core values.

  • Teamwork

We are dedicated to work together with the highest standards of excellence to achieve and support our shared vision, mission, goals, and our students’ success.

  • Professionalism

Professionalism: We are committed to the provision of effective and efficient stakeholders’ focused services in all aspects of our work and practices which includes expected behaviors of responsibility, accountability, dependability, and leadership.

  • Continuous Improvement

We value the pursuit of excellence in individual and collective aspirations by fostering creative and innovative solutions with opportunities for growth and change.

  • Fairness

We believe, celebrate and respect the equal value, dignity, and diversity of all people by actively seeking the elimination of barriers.

  • Contribution to society and economy

We are committed to collaboration and active engagement with academic, business, public, and civic communities to promote transformative and life-long learning opportunities and excellence for our students.

  • Integrity

We affirm and are committed to honesty, scholarly ethics, freedom of inquiry, soundness of decision making and truthful engagement with our stakeholders through effective policies, communication, and practices.

KU Strategy Core Values