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Kingdom University organized the sixth annual forum for scientific research. The President opened the forum with a welcoming speech and thanked all researchers and discussed the importance of scientific research for the university, which constitutes a cornerstone of the university’s mission. Prof. Nader Al-Bastaki, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research, presented the achievements of scientific research at the university, its priorities that have been updated recently, and also presented the development in publishing in refereed scientific journals classified in the first and second quarters as the highest rank on the base data of “Scopus” as well as the success of the College of Law in starting to publish research in English in journals listed on “Scopus with the support of Prof Saad Darwish the Deputy for the research Council . The Deans presented the achievements of scientific research of their faculties. Prof. Omar Al-Hadithi and Dr. Ashraf Suleiman presented a summary of their Journals in Law and engineering respectively. The Forum concluded with the distribution of excellence awards in scientific research, which were won by Prof. Iqbal Hawaldar, Dr. Dilshan Osnad, Dr. Nashad Nawaz, Dr. Omar Al-Hadithi and Dr. Ahmed Rashad.

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