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The Student Affairs Department at KU, in collaboration with other university departments, arranged an orientation day to equip master’s students in law with the necessary knowledge about university laws and familiarize them with the essential amenities provided. It encompassed comprehensive elucidations of the university’s policies, as well as its academic and administrative regulations. Several academic members and administrative personnel actively engaged in this significant occasion, offering assistance and direction to students, and addressing their concerns and requirements about university regulations and facilities.

The orientation day is an integral component of KU’s dedication to provide a vibrant and prestigious educational setting for master’s students. The objective is to provide extensive assistance to students, empowering them to fully use the university’s resources and facilities, therefore enhancing their academic experience and success in their studies. The students conveyed their gratitude for the efforts undertaken by Kingdom University and its many departments. The potential students emphasized that this day offered them a fantastic chance to acquire knowledge about the university’s regulations and fundamental amenities, which would significantly aid in enhancing their academic journey and attaining their personal and professional objectives.

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