Kingdom University (KU) is a private university offering high-quality education and training, dedicated to providing academic excellence, relevant and measurable quality research and active community engagement and continuous education.

KU has obtained its license in 2001 and welcomed the first batch of student intake only in September 2004 on its temporary campus in Manama. It is in 2013 when the University moved into its new (owned) permanent campus in Riffa.

The new campus provides a fresh and promising learning environment and study facilities. In 2016, the University has embarked on a major expansion at the campus which includes the development of a new six-storey academic building and extension of car parks and sports facilities.

Progressive, Forward-Looking University

Capitalizing on years of progressive achievements, KU is proud of gaining confidence recognition from the Education & Training Quality Authority (BQA) for almost all of its programs. The university continues to prove its commitment not only by meeting the required standards set by the Higher Education Council (HEC) & (BQA) but rather aspires to exceed them and contribute towards the overall development of Bahrain and the Region.


Fully aware of the huge demand on quality education and international acceptance to meet market needs, particularly in line with significant changes in Bahrain and across the GCC region, KU proactively responds to the challenges and needs of contemporary societies and labor markets and the requirements for development and transformation in the era of knowledge capitalism.

Regional and International Cooperation

Kingdom University has actively engaged into collaborative exchanges and partnerships with number of international higher education institutions like Yeditepe University in Turkey, Flensburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany and many other Universities for the previous 6 years.


In March 2010, KU has received accreditation for exemption from the London based Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) for 5 of its Accounting and Finance programs, which was a momentous achievement and international recognition for its program. Concurrently, KU President signed a Letter of Intent for academic cooperation between Kingdom University and Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) of University Kebangsaan, Malaysia.


In September 2010, Kingdom University became the 1st University in the Gulf Region to be a signatory to the Magna Charta Universitatum – a charter for the fundamental values and principles of a university on institutional autonomy and academic freedom, which is still valid up to date.


KU also remains an active member of the International Universities Council (IUC) since December 2010 up to date.

جامعة المملكة

Recognition & Students Achievements  

KU is proud by the active participation of its students into several extracurricular activities in or outside the University. Among KU awards are the following:

  • The University was awarded the e-Government Excellence Award in 2010
  • First Prize in Bowling Championship at the University Level in 2012
  • First Prize Debate Contest organized by Ministry of Youth & Sports Bahrain (MYS) 2012
  • First Prize in Bowling Championship at the University Level in 2011
  • First Prize Shaikh Nasser Award in the category of Architecture Design 2011
  • First Prize Shaikh Nasser Award in the category of Photography in 2011
  • First Prize in Football Championships at the level of all Universities in Bahrain 2010
  • First Prize in Football Championship at the University Level in 2009 organized by NYIT
  • First Prize and Third Prize in Architecture Contest for Schools of Architectures among the Arabian Gulf Universities for designing Mosques in 2009.
  • First Prize in Student Camping Bahrain 2008

More than the student’s excellent achievements and active involvement while in the University, KU is very confident in the abilities of its graduates’ engagement in, and transition to the labor market. Noteworthy, 66% of KU Alumni get employed in the first year after graduation and 25% are in leading positions in the market, making the difference in Bahrain and around the GCC countries. The list of KU notable graduates includes Engineers, Judges and Legal Consultants and others holding key positions – like CEO or Co-Founder of Business- in Government and Private Sectors.