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In a groundbreaking triumph, Kingdom University’s team consisting of three students from the Computer Science Department secured the third position in the prestigious 2024 Benefit Advanced AI Lab Hackathon, organized by the University of Bahrain. The winners were honored during a ceremony event on March 10, 2025.


The Kingdom University’s team from a newly established College of Information Technology showcased their ingenuity and technical capabilities throughout the competition. The team composed of Sara Sharif, Masrrah Mouafak, and Fathima Nazira, under the supervision of Dr. Khalid Mansour (Dean of the College) and Ms. Marwah Assim Lateef from the ICT department.


The hackathon, spanning from the 5th to the 8th of 2024, served as a platform for participating teams to demonstrate their aptitude in leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies for societal benefit. Encouraged by the Dean of the IT College, Dr. Khalid Mansour, Kingdom University’s participation underscored their commitment to fostering technological advancement and innovation among their students.


The winning KU project, titled “Automated Classification of Trash Waste,” centered on harnessing AI technology to precisely categorize different types of waste. The team developed an AI model for the creation of an Auto Waste Classification system. This creative solution promises to streamline waste management processes and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.


Among the myriad of competing teams from different universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom University’s entry stood out for its robust implementation and practical implications. Their dedication, coupled with the college encouragement and the close supervision of the mentor, Ms. Marwa, propelled them to the forefront of the hackathon, securing third place among the winning teams.


The victory not only brings honor to Kingdom University but also signifies the potential of AI-driven innovations in addressing real-world challenges. As societies increasingly rely on technological solutions, initiatives like the Benefit Advanced AI Lab Hackathon serve as vital platforms for nurturing talent and fostering collaborative problem-solving.


The Kingdom University team’s success exemplifies the transformative power of AI technology when wielded by bright minds driven by a commitment to societal welfare. With their groundbreaking project, they have not only triumphed in the hackathon but also paved the way for a greener, more sustainable future.


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