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Kingdom University organized the third scientific forum in cooperation with Victoria University, Australia, entitled: “Exchanging knowledge: about afforestation solutions to address climate change and rising temperatures in urban areas.” The forum served as a platform for stakeholders, government representatives, and private sector entities interested in afforestation and green infrastructure in Bahrain for the purpose of discussing dealing with climate change. This forum is the result of a collaborative project between Kingdom University – Bahrain, Victoria University – Australia, and Prince Sultan University – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the project is funded. By the Australian-Arab Relations Council, the working papers addressed the topics of climate change and the rise in temperature in cities and urban areas due to construction and the decline in green areas. They also addressed the strategy and plans of the Kingdom of Bahrain in addressing climate change and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by increasing green spaces. Afforestation, in addition to planting mangrove trees, also dealt with scientific research in this field, in addition to the use of satellite technology to monitor and follow up the development of afforestation areas and planting mangrove trees in water bodies.

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