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Kingdom University held the annual Ramadan Ghabga for its academic and administrative staff, students and graduates in order to enhance communication and the spirit of one family among the university’s employees, at The Art Hotel in Amwaj.

The program of the ceremony included many activities, competitions and the distribution of gifts and prizes, which enabled all attendees to break the routine of work and study in addition to increasing the bonds of love and acquaintance between students and academic and administrative staff.

The President of Kingdom University, Prof. Hassan Al-Hajhouj, assured that the university’s organizes this event to promote national culture and popular traditions, as well as to embody the spirit of one family, and consolidate the importance of communication with our students and academic and administrative staff. Also, the president, in his speech, congratulated everyone on the blessed month of Ramadan, wishing Allah to return it with goodness, security, safety and more progress and prosperity.

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