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Kingdom University organized a field visit to the Bahrain National Museum to introduce its international students to the culture and ancient history of the Kingdom. This visit is part of the university’s initiatives aimed at integrating international students into Bahraini society and introducing them to the ancient civilization of the Kingdom.                                                                  

During the visit, the students toured the various halls of the museum, where they viewed artifacts dating back to different civilizations that inhabited Bahrain throughout the ages, such as the Dilmun civilization and the Taylos civilization. They also listened to a detailed explanation from the museum guides about the history and culture of Bahrain, its ancient traditions, and its various handicrafts.

The students expressed their happiness about this visit, which helped them better understand the culture of Bahrain. They also expressed their thanks to Kingdom University for organizing these events that enrich their educational experience in the Kingdom.

By organizing these visits, the university seeks to introduce our international students to the ancient culture and history of Bahrain, and to enhance their integration into Bahraini society. We believe that learning about different cultures contributes to broadening students’ horizons and developing their personal skills.

Kingdom University is also keen to organize many cultural and social events and activities for our international students throughout the year, with the aim of providing them with a rich educational environment.

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