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Kingdom University announced the opening of admission for the Master of Science program in Digital Finance and Financial Technology.

The program aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and apply financial technology and digital finance in the financial and business sectors. Courses in the program will be delivered by qualified faculty with experience in the field.

Professor Hassan bin Rafdan Al-Hajhoj, President of Kingdom University, announced the launch of the new program, pointing to the importance of digital finance and financial technology in achieving economic development and innovation in Bahrain and the region in general. He added that this program will give students the opportunity to acquire deep knowledge and practical skills that qualify them to contribute to this evolving field.

Al-Hajhoj confirmed that this step comes in line with KU’s direction towards meeting the needs of the market and the aspirations of students in the field of digital finance and financial technology. It is expected that this program will attract students who are interested in modern financial disciplines and technological innovations in the field of business.

Courses in the program cover a wide range of topics related to digital finance and financial technology, such as financial data analysis, digital banking operations, electronic payment technologies, financial security, and financial innovation.

It is worth noting that Kingdom University is a leading educational center in the region, and is always striving to provide distinguished academic programs that meet the needs of the labor market and promote economic and social development in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region.

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