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In an important meeting aimed at enhancing the cooperation between the two parties, Professor Hassan bin Rafdan Al Hajhoj, President of the Kingdom University, met with Mr. Mohammed Draj, a member of the Municipal Council of the Southern Governorate. The meeting aimed at reviewing a development plan for the National Charter Highway in the Southern Governorate, that would include a significant improvement to the infrastructure of the area.

The plan is a result of the efforts from the municipality of the Southern Governorate in their goal to develop Al-Hajiyat, the road adjacent to the Kingdom University is included within the plan, in order to meet the students’ needs, as well as visitors and residents of the area. The meeting included a visual of the site map and the project’s timeline for implementation.

The proposal aims at building parking lots in close proximity to the university that can hold more than 150 cars, as well as for constructing a walkway to control pedestrian traffic in the area. In addition, the plan also focused on developing strategic solutions to the issue of rainwater accumulation and drainage in the road.

Dr. Hassan Al Hajhoj, President of the Kingdom University, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the municipal member Mohammed Draj for his quick response to the improvement proposal and his cooperation in achieving a comprehensive development vision of the Southern Governorate.

In turn, Mr. Mohammed Draj stated, “The plan was proposed after strategic study of demands. And that this project will be one of the greatest necessities in the area, that will solve definite problems such as parking spaces, lighting, and rainwater accumulation.”

At the end, it should be noted that this meeting is also a part of the university’s overall efforts to support the area’s comprehensive growth and development, which involves working alongside local officials.

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