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The Bachelor of Interior Design program at Kingdom University has obtained accreditation from the Society of British and International Interior Design Association (SBID) as the first university in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab world.

Prof. Hassan Al-Hajhouj, President of the University, stated that obtaining such accreditation is in line with the university’s vision to provide high-quality and distinguished education, and to raise the level of higher education in Bahrain and the region. He also pointed out that this accreditation meets the growing needs of the labor market for distinguished graduates in the field of interior design, and they can compete for job opportunities in the local and global market. He assured that the university will continue to develop its programs and improve the quality of Education provided to students, in cooperation with the competent international authorities in the field of education and academic accreditation.

Dr. Ashraf Suleiman, Dean of the College, stated that the program obtained accreditation for a period of five years, and that Kingdom University is the first international university from outside the United Kingdom to obtain this accreditation.

Dr. Sherif Al-Wajeeh, Head of the Interior Design Department, said that such accreditation gives current students in the program a membership of the association and will benefit from all events, seminars and exhibitions held by it. Also, this accreditation enables graduates to obtain a free professional membership for a year. After 3 years of employment, graduates can obtain full memberships as professional interior designers which allow them to work in the UK.

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