“The vision of KU Information & Communication Technology Department is to create an environment where all students, faculty, and community have easy access to technology resources and information, drive digital innovation, and provide a safe and resilient infrastructure that supports the University’s Strategic Plan.”


“The mission of the KU ICT Department is to support and supply the faculty and students with required ICT information and services. This is achieved through continuous dedication on the acquisition and selection of state of –the–art technology. The ICT Department believes in working on a healthy collaborative environment with all its internal and external stakeholders.”

Welcome Message

Welcome to ICT Department!


ICT is constantly evolving. As a result, we are constantly pursuing to seek for the most up-to-date technologies that reflect the university’s goal of development and enhancement of its quality of teaching and learning.


Our role is to support students and all university members in their technology usage, maintain internal infrastructure and adaptive technologies, enhance our services and make sure that we are aligned with the University’s strategic plan.


We are eager to make use of technology as a successful experience for both the students and university members by ensuring less disruption and great achievements on the provision of ICT services.
With best wishes.


Mrs. Zainab Ebrahim Mohamed Mahri
Head-ICT Department

About US

The Information & Communication Technology Department’s role at Kingdom University is to support, maintain, enhance and adopt services that support the University’s strategic plan and facilitate the life of the university’s stakeholders.


With a relatively small team of ICT specialists, we are keen to maintain all adopted services to work smoothly with minimal disruptions and ensure that all our stakeholders are satisfied by collecting their feedback and comments using various means of communication.


The main ICT Department services are:

  • IT Help Desk and Support.
  • Wi-Fi network
  • Computer Labs with internet.
  • Connection
  • Printing solutions.
  • University related Information Systems.
  • Fully equipped classes and labs with interactive projectors.


Mrs. Zainab Ebrahim
Mrs. Marwa Assim AyfanICTICTTechnology Coordinator -
Ms. Noora AlrowaieiICTICTTechnology Coordinator -
Mr. Jimmy AntonyICTICTHelpdesk
Mr. Baiju PillaiICTICTNetwork