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Kingdom University was honored at the closing ceremony of the Cultural Exchange Forum between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of Turkey entitled “Youth Without Borders”, which was organized by the Good Word Society in partnership with the Ministry of Youth Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The honoring came in recognition of the university’s distinguished role as one of the sponsors of the forum, as it hosted the participating Turkish delegation, and nominated a number of its students to participate in the Bahraini delegation.

Prof. Hassan Al-Hajhouj, President of Kingdom University, expressed his great happiness with the university’s participation in this important cultural forum, stressing the importance of enhancing communication and exchanging ideas between the youth of the two countries.

Al-Hajhouj added: “Kingdom University’s participation in the “Youth Without Borders” forum comes from its belief in the importance of the role of youth in building a better future and enhancing joint cooperation between various institutions in the cultural field.”

Al-Hajhouj praised the great efforts made by the Good Word Association and the Ministry of Youth Affairs in organizing this forum, which achieved great success at various levels.

It is noteworthy that the “Youth Without Borders” forum aims to enhance communication, acquaintance and exchange of ideas between the youth of the two countries and transfer experiences and expertise among them, which contributes to building the capacities of young people and activating their roles to engage in joint cultural programs.

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