“The vision of the KU Human Resources Department is empowerment and continuous collaboration with University leadership in shaping an inclusive University culture that drives excellence and innovation to maximize organizational performance through talent support and engagement and improved employee work experience.”


“The mission of the KU Human Resources Department is to support the goals and challenges of KU by promoting a work environment that is characterized by equity and fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust, and mutual respect. We are focused on delivering and timely services to our staff and are committed to effective recruitment, development, reward, and retention of our workforce.”

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Human Resources Department!


Our team is eager to achieve the University’s vision and mission by recruiting the most qualified staff on a national and international level. We focus mainly on the manpower planning which is a fundamental process to ensure effective delivery of high-quality education to our students, maintain constant development of our staff and faculty members through efficient trainings and development programs, ensure fair performance management programs, provide competitive compensation and benefits to our staff, and promote a positive working environment to engage every staff member in the University’s success.
With best wishes.


Ms. Maryam Mohamed Ahmed
Head of Human Resources Department

About Us

At Kingdom University, we believe that developing and retaining the best staff is the key to our success as an educational institution. We strive to improve our processes and streamline our procedures continually to improve the working environment at the university.

Our goals, as the Human Resources Department, are to:

  • Develop Kingdom University into a high-performance organization with motivated and dedicated staff.
  • Recruit and retain the best available talent.
  • Recognize and encourage the value of safe and discrimination-and harassment-free diverse workforce.
  • Ensure a positive working environment for all.
  • Promote the value of meritocracy and talent to foster career development for employees.
  • Ensure that the performance evaluation and training program at the University are conducted efficiently and effectively.
  • Work together with our staff in building the University as an institution of excellence.


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