The Program of Bachelor of Science in Business Management at Kingdom University facilitates to develop the insight to handle management and organizational issues in a complex global environment. This program prepares students to work in national, regional and international labor markets.

The Program structure is designed with  consideration to balance between knowledge and skills, and between theories and practices. Basic courses in Business Management are indispensable to create the first step in the career of management and administration. More advanced courses in strategic management, management and leadership, human resource management, business decision making, business ethics and operations management to enhance student’s skills and increase their abilities to join the Labor market. It pushes them to excel in the professional life in addition to providing a good foundation for post graduate education.

The Business Management program trains students to be able to demonstrate a high degree of practical skills, problem solving skills, leadership, teamwork and communication skills. This program gives special attention to the social responsibility and community engagement that lead students to demonstrate knowledge and respect to the values and culture of Bahraini society and high level of respecting social responsibility and gives knowledge to change and to explore how business organizations of all sizes start, run and succeed through teaching our students the entrepreneurship principles.

Program Aims

  • Provide students with holistic knowledge on the functions of business management such as human resources, finance, marketing, operations and systems and the interactions and interdependencies between the functions.
  • Develop students’ understanding of management concepts, principles and practices.
  • Enhances the graduates’skills on the use of quantitative and qualitative methods and techniques to analyse and evaluate the business problems to identify the appropriate solutions to support decision-making.
  • Provide an affordable, high quality and contemporary business education that conforms to the standards of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the GCC and the international arena.
  • Provide the students with the basic concepts and the practicing skills of using IT models and software for business applications to improve organizational effectiveness in a dynamic and competitive environment.
  • Prepare the graduates to provide innovative solutions to the unanticipated situational challenges.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge on key management areas emphasizing on leadership, general management, human resource management, strategic management and business decision-making.
  • Inculcate in the students the importance of professional responsibility and ethical behaviour.
  • Empower the students to carry out business research and to provide innovative and creative solutions to business problems.
  • Empower the students in generating strategic and functional/operational plans and monitoring processes.
  • Provide the skill of developing business reports and to communicate them effectively in both written and oral forms.
  • Provide opportunity to learn to work in a team and to lead a team.

Program Learning Outcomes


A. Knowledge and Understanding Skills


    After Successful completion of the program requirements, student should be able to:

  • Display the knowledge on the basic functions of management and the related economic and legal aspects of business.
  • Draw the relationships among various functions of a business organization.
  • Differentiate between symptoms and problems effectively across a wide range of business domains, such as accounting, finance, operations,marketing, and strategic management.
  • Demonstrate the integrated view of business management showing the interactions of the functions of management.


B. Subject-Specific Skills


    After Successful completion of the program requirements, student should be able to:

  • Determine the performance of an organization in terms of financial, operational, human resource and marketing effectiveness.
  • Utilize both quantitative and qualitative techniques to evaluate the business situations and to forecast changes that might affect the business in the future.
  • Execute research in a real business problem to identify the plausible outcomes.
  • Analyze both the internal and the external data to identify the inherent discrepancies/or future opportunities.


C. Thinking skills


          After Successful completion of the program requirements, student should be able to:

  • Analyse critically the symptoms and diagnose the causes of problem situations in business.
  • Interpret the results of analysis and develop innovative insights for strategy making.
  • Appreciate the importance of negotiation skills and the need to collaborate with other functional managers in different situations of conflicts of interest.
  • Develop strategies to motivate the employees at various levels and to enhance commitment for the organizational mission.


D. General and Transferable Skills


          After Successful completion of the program requirements, student should be able to:

  • Communicate effectively results of analysis, suggested corrective actions, with logical evidence to develop the confidence of the executives in the results.
  • Carry out the managerial tasks independently, professionally and ethically while carrying out a field of study/project.
  • Analyze policies and actions for ethical and social implications and suggest desirable changes.
  • Work in a team to contribute to new developments in business management.

Career Opportunities

The graduates of the program have elite and promising careers in governmental and private sectors on national, regional and international levels. The Graduate of the program can work as:

  • Product Manager
  • Services Manager
  • Market Researcher
  • Investment Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Senior Manager in health, education, social and community services
  • Senior Manager in trade, broadcasting and other services
  • Training Consultant/Professional
  • HR Manager

Learning Path

Learning pathways for Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Business Management:

  • Msc in Management
  • Master’s in business administration (MBA).
  • Master’s in human resources