The program of B.Sc. in Finance and Accounting at the Kingdom University provides students with conceptual frame work of existing and emerging finance and accounting principles and practices. This program prepares students to work in national, regional and international business organizations.

The program structure is built with important consideration to the balance between knowledge and skills, and between theory and practice. Basic courses in finance and accounting are indispensable to create the first step in the career of Finance and Accounting. More advanced courses in financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, finance and financial markets and institutions enhance student’s skills and increase their ability to join the labor market and excel in the professional life.

The Finance and Accounting program prepares students to be able to demonstrate a high level of leadership, teamwork and communication skills. This program gives importance to the social responsibility and community engagement and prepares the students to demonstrate knowledge and respect of the values and culture of Bahraini society and high level of social responsibility.

Program Aims

  • Provide students with a holistic Knowledge of Finance and Accounting in an integrated manner.
  • Provide students with a conceptual frame work of existing and emerging Finance and Accounting concepts, principles and practices.
  • Provide the students with mathematical and quantitative models that are useful for problems solving and to support decision making.
  • Prepare students to work within national and international accounting standards.
  • Enable students to use accounting information in planning, control, performance evaluation and decision making.
  • Expose students to finance and accounting practices in national, regional and international corporations.
  • Improve students’ critical thinking capabilities in analysing the accounting and financial statements.
  • Provide with the knowledge of ethical and moral norms and societal obligations in preparing Doc. Ref. No: AQA08-PE Version No: 1.0 Page 2 of 12 Copyright of Kingdom University, 2013© the accounts and communicating financial information.
  • Enable the students in research and creative analysis in solving the accounting and finance issues.
  • Make students proficient in using Finance and Accounting software, such as Tally.
  • Develop the skills to prepare Finance and Accounting reports to communicate to various stakeholders.
  • Provide opportunity to learn to work in a team and to lead a team.

Program Learning Outcomes


A.Knowledge and Understanding Skills


  After Successful completion of the program requirements, student should be able to:

  • A1. State the need to use accounting principles by the organizations and the importance of using the standard accounting procedures and statements.
  • A2. Recognize the concepts of financial market, financial institution, portfolio, taxation and risk and identify the importance of the techniques to find solutions for accounting and finance practical issues.
  • A3. Draw the inter-linkages between accounting and finance
  • A4. Delineate the international financial reporting standards and implementation in the practice and the essential components of auditing.


B. Subject-Specific Skills


   After Successful completion of the program requirements, student should be able to:

  • B1. Apply successfully Financial and Accounting concepts, principles, techniques and standard to achieve tasks and projects.
  • B2. Record business transactions in different organizations.
  • B3. Prepare financial reports in compliance with international disclosure standards using finance and accounting software applications.


C. Thinking skills


  After Successful completion of the program requirements, student should be able to:

  • C1. Analyze and interpret financial reports to evaluate company performance.
  • C2. Appraise financial market reports to identify investment opportunities.
  • C3. Use accounting and financial information to make strategic decisions in organizations.
  • C4. Identify the research trends in Accounting and Finance issues and critically review the research articles.


D. General and Transferable Skills


  After Successful completion of the program requirements, student should be able to:

  • D1. Behave ethically and professionally with cultural awareness in business and community environments.
  • D2. Participate in team work and recognize leadership roles within a business scenario
  • D3. Communicate effectively the Accounting and financial reports to the stake holders through written and oral channels in a professional capacity.

Career Opportunities

The graduates of the program have elite and promising careers in governmental and private sectors on national, regional and international levels. The Graduate of the program can work as:

  • Financial Manager,
  • Bookkeeper,
  • Auditor,
  • Cost Accountant,
  • Financial Consultant,
  • Financial Planner,
  • Portfolio Analyst,
  • Financial Officer,
  • Securities Agent, Investment Dealer, and Broker
  • Training Consultant/Professional.