With the intent of making the Scientific research plan: Kingdom University Organizes the Annual General Research Gathering


Annual Research Gathering Annual Research Gathering Annual Research Gathering


Kingdom University organized its annual research gathering, coordinated by Professor Nader Al-Bastaki, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research. The gathering was in the form of a workshop to discuss research topics on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 in the Mezzanine Hall located on the university campus.


The participants exceeded more than 20 faculty members from different colleges. The faculty members were divided into groups, each group for a college. The groups came up with lists of topics and ideas for research in different disciplines and during the discussions, names of faculty members who were interested in working as co-researchers on each topic were provisionally agreed. Also, some interdisciplinary topics were discussed and selected.


The gathering was an excellent opportunity for exchange of research ideas and creation of a positive atmosphere to encourage interdisciplinary research. The present of faculty members from different colleges together in the same meeting provided a platform to integrate research topics.


Meanwhile, Prof. Nader Al-Bastaki stressed that the target to complete these projects should be one year which it should end with the publication of these works in reputed journals and conferences.