Dean’s Message


Hello, and welcome to Kingdom University College of Business Administration.

The College of Business Administration at Kingdom University prepares students for leadership roles, fosters entrepreneurial development, and conducts cutting-edge research that informs business practice.

The College’s strong faculty from around the world achieves rigorous standards for research productivity and teaching effectiveness. The College attracts top-quality students and engages them in the highest level of hands-on business education and it is my great pleasure to present to you our 2016-2017 College Catalogue and to invite new students to join our family to take full advantage of the programs that our College offers. College of Business at Kingdom University has built an excellent reputation for academic excellence for offering high-quality teaching and students’ support activities. We offer programs that focus on the development of student’s capabilities and competencies. Our programs correspond with the Bahrain Economic vision 2030; we are continuously working on enhancing our students’ knowledge and applicable skills through our teaching excellence, learning, research and community activities.

Our professionally-designed programs in Finance and Accounting, Finance and Banking and Business Management meet the requirements of the local, regional as well as international labor markets. The three programs have been awarded full confidence as a result of the programs-within-College Reviews Process conducted by the National Authority of Qualifications and Quality Assurance for Education and Training (QQA) in Bahrain. The overall structure of our programs is developed to enhance creative thinking, develop problem-solving skills, and encourage students’ teamwork, leadership, and communication skills, in addition to creating a balance between theory and practice and between knowledge and skills. Our main objective is to build highly qualified graduates who have the attributes and competencies required to succeed and excel in the competitive national and global business environment.

I encourage you to browse our website or stop by the College of Business Administration to learn more about what we have to offer. And, please feel free to contact me in the Dean’s Office, if you would like to learn more about the College of Business Administration.

“Where Knowledge meets Innovations”

Dr. Anjali Mary Gomes

Acting Dean, College of Business Administration

College Vision

The College aspires to be a leading business school in Bahrain, known for its high standards in academic programs, research and community engagement.

College Mission

The mission of College of Business Administration is to offer quality business education through excellence in teaching, learning, research and community activities that will enhance students’ knowledge and skills, leading to the development of highly qualified graduates who have the attributes and competencies required to succeed and excel in the competitive national and international business environment.

College Core Goals

  • Equip students with the necessary competencies to meet challenges for business professionals in a globally changing business environment
  • Develop students’ abilities to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills effectively in their professional life
  • Offer integrated programs, combining a balance between theory and practice in the field of business, that meet international standards
  • Develop students’ teamwork, leadership and communication skills
  • Provide an educational environment, which supports all aspects of the student learning experience and makes appropriate use of new technology to support and enhance its teaching and learning activities
  • Strengthen students’ understanding of the moral and ethical responsibilities towards society by encouraging involvement by staff and students in community initiatives, which benefit the society in which they live and work
  • Promote staff development in both research and teaching practices to enhance their ability to provide students with an excellent learning experience and support their own personal and professional development

Graduate Attributes

College of Business Administration seeks to ensure that graduates can demonstrate a set of attributes, for that The College expects that all of its graduates:

  1. Are knowledgeable and skillful in applying the business fundamentals in their chosen disciplines

    • In-depth competence in at least one business discipline
    • Ability to source, evaluate and use business information
    • Capacity to apply academic, professional and personal skills for career management and personal development

  2. Are able to demonstrate a high level of leadership, teamwork and communication skills not only with businessmen but across section of society as well

    • Knowledge and skills in effective oral communication
    • Knowledge and skills in written communication
    • Capacity to communicate with others with the use of multi -media and other forms appropriate to their disciplines
    • Ability to interact and cooperate with team.

  3. Are confident, responsible, innovative, and creative and have critical judgment in areas of learning, research and community activities

    • Knowledge and skills in formulating solutions.
    • Ability to critically analyze situations and evidences appropriate to different disciplines.
    • Knowledge and skills in research to generate ideas and interpret findings appropriate to disciplines.

  4. Are socially responsible and are engaged in their communities for a just and sustainable society

    • Ability to apply knowledge and skills in solving real life problems in their communities. Ethically aware and possess understanding of social, civic responsibilities and human rights
    • Comprehend the value of lifelong learning and professional development

  5. Are competently aware of the diverse social, cultural and global environments

    • Knowledge and respect for the values of Bahrain
    • Effectively interact in culturally diverse context
    • Knowledge and skills of the global perspectives in varied disciplines