About the Department

 The Student Affairs Department seeks to provide a supportive and stimulating environment for students, contribute to the refinement and development of their personalities in different aspects and seeks to promote the spirit of national unity among them. The Department provides social and psychological support and counseling to all students and gives special attention to students with special needs to provide them with their needs.

Students’ Guidance and Support Unit

The student Guidance and Support Unit provides various services and instructions in the social and psychological fields, in addition to introducing students to the university internal rules and regulations and supervising their application.

  • Orientation Day

The Orientation Day Program for newly enrolled students provides the necessary support for students to help them integrate into the university environment. The program also aims at identifying the requirements of the programs, advising students about these requirements, giving them information about the registration of courses, logging into the electronic systems, student activities and services, and the available facilities in the university.


  • Students with Special Needs and Learning Difficulties

The unit provides the necessary support to all students with special needs and ensures the continuity and easiness in using facilities, through regularly communicating with them and providing them with all their requirements. In addition, the unit provides psychological guidance and support on adapting to the university environment, in addition to motivating and engaging the students in the university activities.


  • Students with Special Health Needs

The Student Support and Counseling Unit takes care of students with chronic diseases and those who are subject to injuries through following-up their health, identifying, specifying and providing them their needs in cooperation with the various concerned parties in the university.


  • Students with Special Social and Psychological Needs

The unit provides counseling sessions for students about their social or psychological problems, in addition to holding public or private individual counseling sessions to enhance their skills and overcome difficulties.


  • Regular Students

The unit is responsible for following-up regular students and providing the necessary support and guidance to them, by providing courses and training programs, motivating them periodically and supporting them throughout their academic study.


  • Talented Students

The unit encourages talented students to practice and develop their hobbies and provides them with all their needs.


  • International Students

KU is committed to provide international students with their needs and the necessary guidance and support to help them involve in the university environment.


  • Students’ Complaints and Suggestions

The university receives students ‘ complaints and suggestions in a number of ways such as through attending to the Student Affairs Department or through the suggestions and complaints boxes. The university is keen to take the necessary action in coordination with the concerned parties.

Student Activities

KU believes in the important complementary role of extracurricular student activities. It aims at developing individual and collective students’ skills abilities, implanting the principles of social responsibility and strengthening the national unity through organizing various activities in different fields such as entertainment, social, cultural, sports, art, and others.

Students’ Council

KU supports the formation of an elected students’ council through annual elections. The Student Council is a link between the students and the university administration to involve students in the process of decision making.

The Student Council organizes events and promotes the spirit of cooperation and the concept of teamwork among the students themselves and between the students and the society. In addition, the council follows-up students’ issues, makes them aware of their duties, solves their problems and supports the academic, cultural and social journey.