“The vision of the KU Purchasing and Services Department is to strive for leadership and excellence in serving our internal and external customers through transparency, promotion of team spirit and effective work arrangements on the management of internal resources.”


“The mission of the KU Purchasing and Services Department is to support and facilitate the achievement of the University’s vision and mission. It is staffed by professionals who have the essential knowledge, skills and training to assist and ensure the best interest of the University staff, students and other stakeholders in their required goods and services including compliance with Bahrain laws and University policies and procedures.”

Welcome Message

Welcome to Purchasing and Services Department!


The Department’s primary role is to provide the proper infrastructure and services that will create satisfactory cooperative relationships with KU’s internal and external customers through a positive working environment.
With best wishes.


Ms. Nawal Khalid Saleh Rashed
Head-Purchasing and Services Department

About US

KU Purchasing and Services Department focuses on the management of internal resources as a key sourcing solution to strengthen the institution’s departments, programs and initiatives.


The Department’s main goals are:

  • To review and create policies and mechanisms that improve University operating efficiencies.
  • To reduce the purchasing cost of goods and services.
  • To provide customer service to the university and supplier community.
  • To foster supplier partnerships that benefit the entire university.


Ms. Nawal Khalid SalehPurchasing & Services DepartmentPurchasing & Services DepartmentHead of Purchasing and Services
Ms. Asma Rashed Saleh Purchasing & Services DepartmentPurchasing & Services DepartmentPurchasing & Services Administrator