KU Library

KU Library


  • Reader Service

An internal reader services has been provided by KU library to the entire university community. The library specialist handles the registration process of library users.


  • Lending service

The users registered with the library are eligible to borrow information resources from the library as per their user category. The circulation counter does the borrowing process. In order to borrow the library resources, the user should register his/her information at the circulation counter.

Lending period and borrowing limits:

– Full time faculty members
Category  Borrowing Limit (At a time) Duration
Faculty Members (Permanent) 12  One Semester
Faculty Members (Visiting) 03 One Semester


– Administrative Staff Members
Category  Borrowing Limit (At a time) Duration
Admin Staff Members 03 1 month 


– All internal registered students of KU
Type of Degree  Borrowing Limit (At a time) Duration
Undergraduate  2 10 Days
Postgraduate 3 14 Days


– Borrowing Facilities and Accessibility of Resources for Non-KU Clienteles

The library staff at the circulation counter issues library cards on clients’ request with the payment of deposit fee for outside clients, and for Alumni. Borrowing is limited as follows:

User Category  Borrowing Limit (At a time) Duration
Alumni 2 14 Days
Other External clients  2 10 Days


  • Reserve

– Material reserve is a request by a client to borrow the material when it is checked in.

– Reservation can be done by either user or library staff at the circulation counter.

– Any library user may reserve three materials at any specific time.


  • Renewal

– Extension of the loan period of the borrowed item is called renewal.

– The item can be renewed on the same policies as those of the original loan.

– In cases where the books have been requested by other students and faculty the librarian may refuse to renew the books.

– The period for the renewal is the same period of the original loan.

– The user can renew the library material by calling to the library specialist at circulation counter. Circulations counter no: 13302806 or the borrower’s      presence is needed for the renewal.


  • Reference Services & Searching Assistance

– Library Specialist may be approached to get reference services for the users information needs. Readers are given opportunity to request materials for their reading purposes. The web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) which allows library users to browse the catalogue is powered by Future Library Management System.

– The Reference Desk staff assists the users to fulfill their information requirements.


  • Photocopying Service

The photocopying service is operated inside and outside the library. The students are given concession rate for using this service. The cards for using the photocopier are available at the copy center and the library circulation counter.


  • Inter Library Loan (ILL)

The library has participated in ILL services with British Library. The users can make ILL request by filling ILL form which is available at the issuing counter. Apart from this, the library has planned to maintain ILL agreement with local libraries.


  • Information Literacy/Library Orientation

Library conducts information literacy series program at the beginning of each semester in the new academic year. Since the library has developed the information sources and the services, and since it has also subscribed to special databases, the need automatically arise to educate the library community.
The Library regularly conducts individual and group “information literacy programs” for the students and faculty members. Basic user education is given to the students at the library during their visits and upon request.

Objectives of the course:

– Introduce library services, information and resources facilities.

– To facilitate the patrons to find different information resources such as print and e-resources.

– To enhance the users’ information search skills.

– To inculcate the lifelong learning culture among the patrons.

 – Literature Search.

  • Search Databases

KU library has subscribed to a number of online databases that consists of peer reviewed articles, summaries and abstracts, indexes on different disciplines in order to simplify literature search. These subscribed online databases are available for registered library users.


  • Digital Signage

KU Information & Communication Technologies displays announcements and notices at the LCD digital screen that is fixed in various places in the university premises. The library uses this service to ensure that its message reaches the users.


  • New Arrivals Titles announcement

The Library has created WhatsApp group for academic staff in different colleges to offer current awareness services. This service alerts faculty members on new arrivals of library. The Library’s OPAC update the new title list routinely. The new titles are displayed at library’s “New Arrivals” shelf.


  • Community Service

– KU library will be open to the public from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm on Thursdays for reading and reference purpose.

– Please contact the Circulation Desk for further details.


  • Selective Dissemination Services (SDI)

This service assists faculty members and students to find out the latest information related to their interest. Users are requested to contact Reference Service Staff for further details on this service.


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