Devices, Applications, Network & Printing

Devices, Applications, Network & Printing

Computer Labs

KU University has four computer labs that are allocated on the 2nd floor. The computer labs are classified by their usage, as follows:

  • Engineering Lab (B2L01) that contains 25 workstations, A3 printer and configured with the latest applications required for teaching and student utilization which are (Adobe Suite, 3D Max, Sketchup, Autodesk Revit, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, MS Office)
  • Business Lab (A2L01) that contains 21 PCs and configured with the latest applications required for teaching and students utilization which are mainly (MS Office and Accounting Software (Tally)).
  • Two Ordinary Labs are used by all the students mainly for internet browsing and MS Office use.


Network Services


  • Wired Network

All Staff PCs are connected to the university’s internal network and internet access. The Computer laboratory and Library PCs are connected to the internet for enhancing and enriching the student learning and research experience.


  • Wireless Network

Internet access is available via our wireless networks (WIFI) to allow Students to be connected with their own devices for aiding their learning needs.



KU manages the staff printing service and network printers based in offices around the campus. For students there is a charged printing system, allowing students to credit their personal printing balance card. This card can be purchased from the Finance Department.

The campus printers are having the full option of printing, scanning and photocopying, and the locations of the students printers are:

  • Ground Floor ( near the Admission and Registration Department).
  • 3rd Floor – (inside the Library).