User Accounts & Security

User Accounts & Security

Accounts & Passwords

KU accounts are issued to all university faculty, staff, and students. Each one is provided with a username and password necessary to access KU’s desk space, E-mails, and provided applications, that supports the university’s main learning and teaching process.


Account owners are responsible for any improper or illegal activity that occurs on their account. These activities include, but are not limited to, harassment of others through electronic communication and use of university resources for business purposes. Therefore, account owners should not share their password with anyone for any reason.


For any account maintenance requests, questions, or concerns, call 13300001 ext. 875|876|877|878 or log your request into  IT Help Desk by sending an E-mail to:



Accounts We Support:

  • KU Network ID (Net ID) (Computer ID)
  • E-mail ID
  • E-gate ID
  • LMS system ID
  • ERP system ID



KU protects its Network and computers by using an up-to-date firewall and computers’ anti-virus to make sure that their students, faculty, and staff can work in a safe environment.