Planning and Development Office

The Planning and Development office is responsible for formulating the University’s Strategic in coordination with all stakeholders; consequently, planing in collaboration with the departments/colleges in setting the yearly strategic operational plans. The office also monitors and tracks the strategic plan execution by initiating periodic progress reports. All reports are presented to KU employees, top management and board of directors. Nevertheless, the office also sets and observes the achievements of the corporate department, other departments and colleges. Key Performance Indicators are evaluated in coordination with the concerned stakeholders.
Main duties also include developing and improving the University’s internal and external operations, corporate governance and business investments schemes in line with the regulator’s requirements in order to reach the market competitive edge.



All these practices are implemented under the office ethical frame that promotes-

  • Transparency in communicating all the office activities to the units in the university
  • Cooperative collaboration between all the University units in the decision making process that positively affects the strategic corporate direction
  • Teamwork: the office ensures considering other units’ opinions in the developments it handles, specifically the developments that affect the University at a corporate level