Kingdom University seeks to be a leading private university in Bahrain, through the quality of its academic programs, focus on research, initiatives in community engagement and enhancement of campus experience; for the development of its stakeholders and contribution towards the prosperity of the society.


Kingdom University is a Bahraini private University offering quality educational experience centered on its students to develop their knowledge, skills and values; achieved through excellence in teaching, learning, research and community engagement. It also aims to foster continuous improvement of its stakeholders by enforcing best practices and thereby contributing in fulfilling skill requirements, relevant to the labor market.


At KU, we work towards creating a strong value system; a system that is the cornerstone of our success. Management, employees and students alike are guided by our core values.

  • Teamwork

We aim to create values through the involvement of several members in team conducting business within and outside and to craft students’ capabilities by implementing teamwork in their academic progression.


  • Professionalism

We value professionalism and respect individuals who display a sense of responsibility, accountability and integrity. As educators we strive to maintain high ethical standards in our actions and dealings with all our stakeholders.


  • Continuous Improvement

At KU, we foster a culture of continuous improvement; a value that inspires us to work steadily on our weaknesses and strive for excellence in our areas of strength. Change is inevitable and at KU we always encourage everyone to change for the better.


  • Diversity

We strive to create and encourage cross-cultural diversity by attracting faculty and staff from multiple backgrounds. We aim to capitalize on the varied perspectives brought in by different individuals coming in from diverse backgrounds and promote the best ideas that would serve to take us forward.


  • Sense of Belonging

KU is made up by its stakeholders and exists for the purpose of their development. Through our actions, we strive to create a sense of belonging towards the University in the hearts and minds of each of these stakeholders, so that they may truly and wholly cherish their association with KU.


  • Equal Opportunity

KU is committed to providing an opportunity for all eligible students to have a quality education. We strongly believe in meritocracy and provide an equal platform for every individual to display and build upon their knowledge and skills during their association with us.


KU Strategy Values