At KU, we work towards creating a strong value system; a system that is the cornerstone of our success. Management, employees and students alike are guided by our core values


  • Collegiality

We respect each other’s commitment to the common purpose of achieving our vision and our concerted ability to work towards it. We all work within an environment characterized by shared responsibility, which is made manifest through formal guidelines and discharged with a sense of mutual obligation.


  • Professionalism

We value professionalism and respect individuals who display a sense of responsibility, accountability and integrity. As educators we strive to maintain high ethical standards in our actions and dealings with all our stakeholders.


  • Continuous Improvement

At KU, we foster a culture of continuous improvement; a value that inspires us to work steadily on our weaknesses and strive for excellence in our areas of strength. Change is inevitable and at KU we always encourage everyone to change for the better.


  • Diversity

We strive to create and encourage cross cultural diversity by attracting faculty and staff from multiple backgrounds. We aim to capitalize on the varied perspectives brought in by different individuals coming in from diverse backgrounds and promote the best ideas that would serve to take us forward.


  • Sense of Belonging

KU is made up by its stakeholders and exists for the purpose of their development. Through our actions, we strive to create a sense of belonging towards the University in the hearts and minds of each of these stakeholders, so that they may truly and wholly cherish their association with KU.


  • Equal Opportunity

KU is committed to providing an opportunity for all eligible students to have quality education. We strongly believe in meritocracy and provide an equal platform for every individual to display and build upon their knowledge and skills during their association with us.


  • Subsidiarity

Closely associated with collegiality is the concept of Subsidiarity, the system that every decision should be taken at the lowest level appropriate to the matter in hand. We believe in decentralization of control and empowering our people to take informed decisions.

Core Values at KU

The Strategic Challenge

Kingdom University has been one of the pioneers of private higher education in Bahrain. Since inception we have grown steadily in the face of a rapidly changing & challenging environment. As a young University KU has had its share of challenges; however its commitment to continuously serve the students in the best possible manner remains intact.


KU takes pride in knowing that its graduates are highly valued in the labor market and are working in respectable positions across the public and private sector. KU always endeavors to equip our students with the requisite knowledge, skills, and attributes that would enable them to compete strongly in the industry. At KU, we offer an environment wherein students and faculty belong to small scholarly communities (within their department and college) and simultaneously benefit from the strengths and initiatives of other departments and colleges that make up the University.


The most important challenge we face in competing successfully in a rapidly evolving environment is the maintenance of standards in line with best in class practices and providing the highest quality of educational experience for our students, faculty and support staff, within the constraints of being a young and emerging university. Future changes in the global education and industry will require us to adapt and update our teaching and learning mechanisms accordingly. The evolving needs of our students and the growing emphasis placed on acquiring practical and transferrable skills by students and employers alike challenge us to remain proactive and plan accordingly to meet these challenges.


The strategic plan is developed with a five year time horizon. Hence within each goal category, the objectives, action points / initiatives and KPIs are based on a five year time frame. Also an operational plan highlighting the responsibilities and financial allocation has been developed.


As we take stock of our current situation and plan for the future, we have engaged in multiple rounds of discussion and brainstorming & feedback sessions to critically assess and arrive at a set of 10 Goals that would be the core area of our focus. Each goal represents a strong focus to improve and build on our current strengths in that particular segment.

Vision, Mission, Values of KU