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General Questions

Regular Admission

التقديم للقبول في الجامعة يتم حسب التقويم الأكاديمي للجامعة، حيث يتم قبول الطلبة الجدد قبل بداية كل فصل دراسي اعتماداً على تاريخ القبول المحدد في التقويم الاكاديمي

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IT Facilities

You can Login to E-Gate by following the below steps:

1. Click the link: http://edugate.ku-egate.net/edugate/init

2. Enter your Username: your Student ID eg: (20101020).

3. Enter your Password, which is the same password used to Login to the Computer Account or to your E-mail.

In case you need further information or support, Please contact the ICT Department Staff on the no. 13302875، 13302876، 13302878، 13302879 or send an E-mail to: ithelpdesk@ku.edu.bh

 For more information about IT Facilities for the Students, Academic and Admin Staff, Please visit – My KU – page on the University Website by clicking on the link: My KU       


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