“The Minister patronizes the Sustainable Buildings and Renewables Seminar”

Dr Abdul-Hosain bin Ali Mirza, the Minister of Electricity and Water affairs, received in his office Prof. Yusuf Abdul-Ghaffar, president of Kingdom University,

and Prof. Nader Al- Bastaki, vice-president for academic affairs and scientific research. The minister welcomed his guests who explained the preparations for the Sustainable Buildings and Renewables seminar which will be organized by the Kingdom University and the World
Renewable Energy Network (WREN, UK) on the 15th and 16th of April in the Crowne Plaza hotel under the patronage of the Minister of Electricity and water Affairs. The seminar will include a number of lectures and workshops presented by a number of experts and university professors from UK, Italy, Romania, Iraq, Malaysia and Bahrain who will discuss the latest research and state-of-art designs of sustainable and green buildings and the use of renewable energy in buildings.
The minister Mirza appreciated the efforts of the Kingdom University in organizing this event in the Kingdom of Bahrain and expressed his support to place the event under his patronage and to provide all possible help to assist it in achieving its intended outcomes. The visitors expressed their thanks and appreciations to the minister for accepting to patronize the seminar and supporting it and for his continuous encouragement of such activities that benefit the Kingdom of Bahrain and the countries in the region.
The meeting was also attended by Mrs. Jehan Al-Merbati, the Executive Director of the Sustainable Energy Unit.