Dean of College of Law in Kingdom University Reiterates Confidence in its Bachelors of Law Program to be Among the Best and Most Advanced in the Arabian Gulf

Dean of College of Law in Kingdom University Reiterates Confidence in its Bachelors of Law Program to be Among the Best and Most Advanced in the Arabian Gulf

Dr. Ahmed Rashad AlHuwari, Dean of the College of Law in Kingdom University, announced that since the Bachelors of Law program were awarded

“Confidence” – the highest rating granted – by the National Authority for Qualifications & Quality Assurance of Education & Training (QAAET), the College has continued exerting its maximum effort to develop the program in order to give its graduates a competitive edge over others when they enter the workforce and to enable them to stay on top of all the updates, changes and progresses in the field of law.

The Dean affirmed that the College has reviewed the program in line with the periodical review strategy which the College applies once every five years. The objective of this initiative was to place priority on equipping Kingdom University Law graduates with very attractive employment qualifications, be it through academic studies or through vocational training. These skills, which are acquired through the intensive training undertaken by them in Kingdom University, play a major role in forming their legal persona as they develop into becoming representatives of the law, thereby making Kingdom University graduates stand out from those of other universities. This being as other universities follow the traditional education system that does not take into consideration the prevailing market conditions, therefore not making the academic statuses of their graduates well-rounded enough to fulfill every current employability requirement.

In contrast, the College of Law in Kingdom University embodies a comprehensive program that enables its students to acquire all the necessary skills that are required in legal sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The most important and pertinent of these skills is to manually document legal memorandums and minutes that take place during sessions in the Court of Law, in addition to their case presentation capabilities and their abilities of using the most advanced modern technologies.

Dr. AlHuwari added that Kingdom University Law graduates hold the most prestigious and prominent positions and jobs in the legal sector within the Kingdom of Bahrain. Furthermore, he observed that the surveys that the College conducts pertaining to the job performance of the graduates always shows very assuring results. As a matter of fact, it is noted that the graduates have better opportunities for employment in the legal sector in the Kingdom.

The Dean hailed the academic staff and administration body at the College of Law in Kingdom University affirming that the College has a distinguished, elite group of mentors who have an annual research plan that propagate scientific research and literary studies and, subsequently, issue their findings, which substantially serve the populace of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Additionally, the Dean said that the College will be holding a number of training workshops henceforth for both its students and graduates that will cover developing their skills in drafting contracts, articulating verdicts and other topics that would have a direct role in developing their employability in the job market.

Overall, the Dean expects the College of Law in Kingdom University to become the best private College of Law in the Kingdom of Bahrain continuing its legacy of producing graduates that are given priority in the legal job market. Dr. AlHuwari concluded by wishing all the students good luck in their studies.

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