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The College of Business Administration is empowering the local and regional labor market with graduates who are active and have successfully attained noted positions within their field. The main objective of our programmes is to equip graduates with theoretical knowledge, noted practical skills, teamwork capabilities, business ethics, and a high level of community engagement. The College of Business Administration is composed of two departments: Department of Business Management and Department of Finance and Accounting. The Department of Finance and Accounting offers two programmes: BSc. in Finance and Accounting and BSc. in Finance and Banking. The Department of Business Management offers BSc. in Business Management.

 Dean’s Message 


Hello, and welcome to Kingdom University College of Business Administration.

The College of Business Administration at Kingdom University prepares students for leadership roles, fosters entrepreneurial development, and conducts cutting-edge research that informs business practice.

The College’s strong faculty from around the world achieves rigorous standards for research productivity and teaching effectiveness. The College attracts top-quality students and engages them in the highest level of hands-on business education and it is my great pleasure to present to you our 2016-2017 College Catalogue and to invite new 

College Vision & Mission


College Vision

The College aspires to be a leading business school in Bahrain, known for its high standards in academic programs, research and community engagement.

College Mission

The mission of College of Business Administration is to offer quality business education through excellence in teaching, learning, research and community activities that will enhance students’ knowledge and skills, leading to the development of highly qualified graduates who have the attributes and competencies required to succeed and excel in the competitive national and international business environment.

Department of Business Management 

The Department of Business Management offers one  program:

  1. BSc. in Business Management

Business Management offers an integrative understanding of the business environment and provides students with the skills and     knowledge essential for the modern business world. These issues will be presented through the critical lens of the social sciences     in order to look at problems from different perspectives, analyse and evaluate complex data, and provide a foundation for independent and innovative thinking. Marketing is among the most important activities in the firm – all other activities are based upon marketing and it is considered the vital link between the firm and its customers. Marketing is concerned with the study of markets in order to understand customer needs and desires and provide them with products which satisfy those needs, as well as setting the marketing strategies that guarantee the pricing, distribution, and promotion of these products in a way that satisfies consumers. The marketing curriculum ensures that the student receives  ample knowledge in various marketing areas such as consumer behavior, product management and development, distribution and sales management, pricing, marketing communications and promotion, marketing research, strategic marketing, in addition to electronic and global marketing.

Department of Finance & Accounting

The Department of Finance and Accounting offers two programs:

  1. BSc. in Finance and Accounting
  2. BSc. in Finance and Banking

Over the last 20 years, banks all over the world have expanded, creating a huge demand for ambitious, flexible and creative people with degrees in Banking and Finance to occupy these positions and help banks compete in the new market.

Many important personal decisions are financial, such as paying for a new home or car. The study of this field offers a great combination of finance and accounting that would help to better understand the world of business and facilitate the allocation of economic resources where they could be used more profitably.

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